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  Here's a sample Math Unit sent in by Cameo Lutz


"C" level: Maximum 65 points

1. Listen to the lecture and take notes every day. 5 points/day 1 2 3 4 5

2. Make flash cards on vocabulary terms. (see glossary) 10 points.

3. Read pages 3-27 in the Unit 6 book. Write a one page summary about 5 ideas you read about. 15 points.

4. Read "measuring angles" and "drawing angles" on pages 11-15. Complete study activity on page 14 and study activity on pg. 15. 10 points.

5. Watch the video on "working with lines and angles." Take notes and give me an oral summary. 10 points.

6. Draw a "creature" using straight lines and circles only. Your picture must show a 30 degree, 60 degree, 15 degree and a 90 degree angle. 10 points.

7. Complete worksheets A and B on angles and circles. 10 points.

8. Work the following problems from the book: 1,3,6,7,11,15,21,22,26,31.

9. Look through magazines to find 5 different sized circles. Find the circumference and diameter of each circle. 10 points.

10. Make a sketch of the main floor of your home. Do not worry about the scale. You only need to show the layout of the rooms. Neatness is expected. 10 points.

11. Measure the circumference of 5 different sized tree. Use this measurement to estimate the diameter of each tree. 10 points.

12. Tree stump-removal companies usually charge a price per inch of the diameter of a tree. Use the following price quotes to find out how much each company would charge to remove the stumps of the trees you measured in assignment 11. 10 points

13. Complete worksheet C. 10 points.


"B" level labs Choose only one. 15 points.

1. Lab activity 1: Exploring circles.

2. Lab activity 2: Angle of stairs (pg. 30 in Unit 6 book)

3. Lab activity 3: Hitchhiker's Thumb (page 32 in Unit 6 book)


"A" level: Choose only one. Use an "A" level sheet. 10 points.

1. Page 11 of the Unit 6 book says "An angle of 90, or a right angle, is one of the most common angles you work with in any job. Do you agree? Support your answer with research from at least six different professions.

2. Figure 6.3 on page 10 of the Unit 6 book shows 8 different measuring tools. Find out how each tool is used and in what job you would use each the most.

3. Answer the video problem: Is the tower in compliance with a new ordinance limiting structure height to 50 ft?

Data: tower is 200 feet away. Maximum height is 50 feet. Height of instrument is 10 feet. Vertical angle is 14 degrees. Let 1 inch = 25 feet. Is the tower too high?


Grades: 86-100 A 71-85 B 55-70 C 40-54 D