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Here's a Unit for a Government Class, sent by Virgil Johnson.

Freedom and the Free Enterprise System

Section One: Choose any of these assignments for a maximum of 70 points. You must have 65 points to move on to Section two.

1. Lecture notes. 10 pts.

2. Complete packet of assignments on Chapter one. 20 pts

3. Outline chapter one and answer all questions on page 12 and 13, Building vocabulary and Reviewing the facts. 15 pts.

4. Use 10 vocabulary terms in writing a short story about economics. 10 pts.

5. Draw a picture showing concepts of the following economics: free enterprise, command and mixed. 15 pts.

6. Find examples of free enterprise system by making a collage and explain your collage to the teacher. 10 pts.

7. From the newspaper read four articles on economics and write a paragraph each summarizing each article. 10 pts.

8. Entrepreneurs: Mary Kay Ash, Phil Knight, Chester Carlson and Joseph Wilson. Find information about these individuals and tell the teacher which economic concept they fit into. 15 pts.


Section Two: Choose only one. 15 pts.

1. Find pictures showing examples of Mary Kay Ash, Phil Knight, Chester Carlson and Joseph Wilson. By making a display on poster board showing the value of their work to the public.

2. Find the Stock page in the newspaper and pick 5 stock., then follow the stocks you picked for a week. Explain the increase or decrease of your stock using graph paper.

3. Interview an individual who owns his or her own business, explaining their system of earning and profits.

4. Create a game of economics; using economic concepts.


Section Three: Choose only one. 15 pts.

1. When is Free enterprise, command and mixed economics and detriment to a society? Write a well reasoned argument and take a stand for your argument using research format.

2. Write about the following economic systems with examples of each: Free Enterprise, Command and Mixed, explaining in detail your judgment as to which one you would pick. Use report format.


Grades: A 96 - 100 A- 95-91 B+ 90-86 B 85-81 B- 80-76 C+ 75-71 C 70-66 C- 65-61

D+ 60-56 D 55-51 D- 50-46