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Grades 3-4 Reading a Story

by: Teacher Team

Workshop -Kern County California

C level activities:

1. Oral reading to a friend discover words that are unfamiliar.

2. Spelling worksheet

3. Bring a relevant object from home and share with the class.

4. Make props for a play

5. Write a poem that relates to a story.

6. Write definetions of unfamiliar words

7. Create a cartoon strip

8. Make flash cards with vocabulary words.

9. Make a poster

10.Taking turns reading aloud

11. Copying sentences or paragraphs

12. Create puppets to illustrate the story

13. Listening to the story with earphones - books on tape.

14. Make characters out of play doh.

B level activities

1. What are the 5 w,s of the story?

2. Change or add to the ending.

3. Retell story to a friend.

4. Translate story into your native language.

5. Role play characters.

6. Write about your opinions of the story.

7. Construct a project (model,drawing,ect.)

8. Oral presentation of story, costumes video tape it.

A level activities

Write what the moral of the story is

Research about a topic in the story.

Create your own board game.

Construct your own test.

Perform a play in front or another class.

Look up information about author.

How will it affect the outcome if you change a character, setting or time of the story.