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Elementary Reading: Where the Red Fern Grows

by: Teacher Team

Workshop -Kern County California

Section 1:

1. Read novel as group - D grade

2. Draw Poster Book report-Showing 13 main characters 10pts

3. Write on Ad for a newpaper: puppies for sale. 10pts

4. Write a poem about one of the dogs little Ann /little Dan (15pts)

5. Write at least 5 entries in diary about your experiences - Raccoon hunting.

6. Watch the video and compare it to the book what did you like best?

7. Make a cube book using magazines for; title, author, character and setting. (15)

8. From teacher selected voc. from content give meaning in native language. 15pts

9. Write a chapter test including answers. (15)

10. Write a new ending to the novel. (10)

11. Make an alphabet score book using words from novel. (15)

12. Draw a map from Billy's house to where he picked up the puppies. (10)

13. Describe how you would feel if you were to blame for someone's death. (15)

14. Using the materials provided, illustrate the storm the night or the championship coon hunt. (10)

15. Draw a red fern and explain what it means to you and what it represents in the novel. (15)

section 2

1.Write a diary entry that Billy might have kept expressing his feeling throughout the novel. (15)

2. Take on Billy's persona and explain your feeling as you watched old Dan fighting the mountain lion. (15)

3. Write an obituary to the town newspaper on little Ann and old Dan. (15)

4. compare and contrasts the movie and the book. (15)

section 3

1. Research red bone hounds in California: write an essay. (20)

2. In the novel the theme of love is depicted. Using the novel show exanple of this love and how it is shown. writing an essay on your findings 20pts

3. In the story old Dan is killed; what would have happened if little Ann would have been killed? Write an essay on this (20)