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5th Grade Reading - Hatchet

by: Teacher Team

Workshop -Kern County California

Level C- do any 7

1. Create a diorama.

2. Draw pictures of the clothing worn by Brian and by some of the natives living near him.

3. Create puppets of the major and minor characters.

4. Act out a scene from a favorite chapter.

5. Find a website about this story or author.

6. Listen to the audiotape of the story and be prepared to talk about 4 thing that you understood better (differently?) after listening.

7. Choose 10 new or interesting words from the story and make flash cards with their definitions.

8. Translate 10 new or interesting words into another language.

9. Write about what it would be like to pilot a plane unexpectedly.

10. Make a collage using pictures that have a connection to this story.

11. Do pages from the practice book.

12. Read the take home book Danger on Ice and write an idea for the survival story.

13. Make a map of Brians suroundings include his home and major landmarks mentioned in the story.

14. Watch a movie of the story and describe the differences between the story and the movie.

15. Make a mobile.

16. Retell your favorite part of the story in another language.

17. List the character names in another language.

18. Make a cartoon or dialogue strip.

19. Make a vocabulary card for words with multiple meanings.

20. Draw and label a suitcase of the things you would want with you if lost and alone.


(B) choose 1

1. Write 6 diary entries that Brian might have written beginning with June, 29th

2. Research the history of flight. Illustrate your finding using a timeline.

3. Research 3 animals that are not mentioned in the story that Brian might have seen during his adventure.


(A) choose 1

1. Why wouldn't air traffic controllers or other authorities know the real path of Brian's flight?

2. Why do you thing the radio transmission of the flight break up?

3. Determine how far the plane has flown using these and other clues from the text.

After 1/2 hour of listening (pg. 306); and an hour passed (pg. 306) He repeated the radio 17 times at 10 minute intervals (pg. 308).