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Grades 5-6 Nouns

by: Teacher Team

Workshop -Kern County California


By the end of the week

C level

1. Listen to lecture on nouns. 5pts

2. Make a collage on bucher paper on nouns and label. 10pts

3. Make flash cards pink for common, blue for proper) Draw it or write on it (10pts)

4. Play games using common and proper nouns

5. Show grammar - Rock video noun 5pts

6. Computer program - word munchers (10)

7. Take scolastic and underline all common nouns, circle all proper nouns in an article. (10)

8. Noun dittos

9. Make a noun Mobile

10. Identify all the diffferent nouns in a picture 5 pts

11. Play noun bingo 5 pts

B level

1. Write a noun poem 15pts

2. Using a thesaurus look up 3 words for 10 nouns (15)

3. Diagram simple and compound noun sentences

A level

1. Using the power point computer system, you teach a lesson to class on nouns.

2. Write and illustrate a book to teach nouns

3. Using a thesaurus, student will use common and proper nouns in paragraph form using nature as a topic. 20pts