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Primary Level (K-3) Math -- Money

by: Teacher Team

Workshop -Kern County California



C level

1. Make flashcards using vocabulary words (penny,nickel.cent) and money stamps (10pts)

2. Use play money tray on to identify coins with classmate. (10 pts)

3. Play coin critters mastering at least one level (10pts)

4. Make your own catalogue w/10 items and prices (15 pts)

5. View video on the making of money at a mint. Write 3 things you learned. 10pts

6. Read and listen to (childrens book) and answer 3 questions about the story(written/ oral)10pts

7. Ask for coins in their own language based on numeric value (ie quarter = vente cinco centavos) 15pts

8. Demonstrate coins needed to purchase favorite item at corner store. (10pts)

9. Family Field trip to market use picture chart to find prices of selected items (15 pts)

10. Complete worksheet (10pts)

11. Use 2 combinations of coins to make 25 cents and $1.00 (10pts)

12. Demonstrate counting by 5s and 10,s to 100 (10pts)

13. play money bingo or the allowance game (10pts)

14. using flashcards match coins to number work (10pts)

B level choose one 15 pts

1. What would be the best type of container to hold 500 pennies.

2. What would weigh the same as 25 nickels?

3. How many nickels are there in a foot?

A level - choose one 20 pts

1. Find out what kind of metals are pennies nickels dimes and quarters made of and how have those changed over the years.

2. If you drop two coins of different denominations from the same height (3ft high) Which one will hit the floor first ? Why?