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From: Jackie Starke-Health Teacher

New Franklin Middle School-New Franklin, MO

Unit Title: Total Health

Unit Objectives:

Know and explain components of total health.

Understand which factors relating to health are controllable and which are not.

Explain how fitness relates to health.

Define stress and explain positive ways to manage.

MAP Objectives:

Knowledge: Principles and practices of physical and mental health.

Time Frame for unit: 7 class periods.

You are to decide which level you would like to work toward. Select from the assignments listed to earn that total number of points. Check the scoring guides to see how you will be graded. The emphasis is on what you learned, not how many papers you filled out.

You may leave papers in your folder in the tan brown file cabinet-drawer 1. I must sign your sheet verifying you earned the points listed.

On independent working days, you must be working. IF you finish early, you must be reading. You can defend up to three C-level assignments each day.

C level- 65 points is the MAX you can earn from this level (oral defense for points)

15 pts. Read textbook chapter 1 and answer study guide questions.

Date completed__________

10 pts. Watch video on stress and tell me five things you learned.

Date completed__________

15 pts. Read three magazine/newspaper articles and be able to summarize.

Date completed__________

5 pts. Illustrate the three sides of total health. Date completed__________

15 pts. Lecture/notes-3 days (5 pts. daily) Day 1 _____ Day 2 _____ Day 3_____

10 pts. Audiotape of chapter-be prepared to answer questions.

Date completed__________

10 pts. Vocabulary flash cards Date completed__________

10 pts. Keep a journal of your physical exercise for a week. Be able to tell how this

helps your total health. Date completed__________

10 pts. Write and recite a poem that shows an understanding of total health. Could be in

a language other than English. Date completed__________

10 pts. Complete the stress inventory. Research to find out how excessive stress affects

your total health. Come up with a plan to manage your stress.

Date completed__________

5 pts. Complete your Health Habits Inventory (pg. 14 in text). Come up with a plan to

improve your health habits or establish several health goals.

Date completed__________

B level- 15 points

Problem Solving Lab-must complete the lab sheet. Choose only one question to answer.

Date completed________________

How do movies affect your stress level?

How do relaxation techniques relax you?

What factors cause the greatest amount of stress to adolescents?

How do adolescents deal with stress?

How does lack of sleep (sleep deprivation) affect total health?

A level- 20 points

Choose only one of these. You are to do some research and complete the documentation sheet.

Date completed________________

Should drugs that cause you to be awake for long periods of time (speed, meth, etc.) be legalized?

Heredity or environment-Which one influences one's health more?

Should schools have more programs that deal with social and mental health?


Parental Signature (worth 5 points on C level)

Grading Scale

40-55 points = D 71-85 = B

56-70 points = C 86-100 = A