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From: Jackie Starke-Health Teacher

New Franklin Middle School-New Franklin, MO

Unit Title: Mental Health

Unit Objectives:

Define mental health and where to get help.

Understand and explain what factors influence mental health in positive/negative ways.

MAP Objectives: Knowledge: Principles and practices of physical and mental health.

Time Frame for unit: 6/7 class periods.

You are to decide which level you would like to work toward. Select from the assignments listed to earn that total number of points. Check the scoring guides to see how you will be graded. The emphasis is on what you learned, not how many papers you filled out.

You may leave papers in your folder in the tan brown file cabinet-drawer 1. I must sign your sheet verifying you earned the points listed.

On independent working days, you must be working. IF you finish early, you must be reading. You can defend up to three C-level assignments each day.

C level- 65 points is the MAX you can earn from this level (oral defense for points)

15 pts. Read textbook chapter 3and answer study guide questions.

Date completed__________

10 pts. Watch video on eating disorders and write a 2 paragraph summary. (This will be

turned in and not defended unless you want to). Date completed__________

15 pts. Read three magazine/newspaper articles that relate to the chapter and summarize.

Date completed__________

15 pts. Lecture/notes-3 days (5 pts. daily) Day 1 _____ Day 2 _____ Day 3_____

10 pts. Audiotape of chapter-follow along with book/take quiz upon completion.

Date completed__________

10 pts. Create a timeline of at least 10 dates that shows advances in mental health.

Date completed_________

5 pts. Create a poster that tells teens where they can get help for mental health issues.

Date completed__________

5 pts. Create a poster showing what things help you feel good about yourself. The

pictures can be off the computer, cut from magazines, or neatly drawn and

colored. Date completed__________

5 pts. Dealing with Mental Disorders wkst. Date completed__________

5 pts. Thinking about Self-Esteem wkst. Date completed__________

10 pts. Mental Health crossword puzzle Date completed__________

10 pts. Interview someone who has had a mental health issue. Find out the cause of the

illness and what was done to get help. Date completed__________

5 pts. Keep a journal for one week. Tell each day what issues you had to deal with and

how you dealt with them. Example: I had a lot of stress about a test so I kept telling myself-I'll do my best. Date completed__________

5 pts. Write a letter to someone who has poor self-esteem on how they should improve it

and why. Date completed__________

B level- 15 points Date completed________________

Choose only one of these to do.

Create a brochure that thoroughly explains at least 5 different types of mental health issues. This brochure should

be neat, colorful, explain the mental health issue and what can be done to help.

Write a 1.5 page (typed, double spaced) report on a mental health topic such as depression, eating disorders,

etc. Make sure you have an introduction and conclusion.

How can nonverbal communication influence someone's mental health? (Use B-level form to do this


How many times during a television program does someone's self-esteem get hurt or damaged by what someone

says or does? (Use B-Level form for this experiment)

Create a video (can do with a partner) that depicts the life habits of someone who has good or bad

mental/emotional health (You choose). This can be a drama or documentary. Be creative and be sure to

record on VHS or VHS-C.

A level- 20 points Date completed_______________

Choose only one of these. You are to do some research and complete the documentation sheet. Make sure your opinion paper is at least a ½ page in length.

Should people who have Alzheimer's be forced to enter a nursing home?

Should kids who have AD(H)D be required to take medication?

Insurance companies usually do not pay the same co-payment for mental health as they

do for physical health (to see the doctor). Should insurance companies be forced

to pay the same portion of costs for mental health treatment as they would for physical health?

If students face many pressures and mental health issues, should all students be required

to undergo mental testing and counseling?

What treatments are most effective for helping someone with ________________?

Other: Pick a topic and check with me to make sure it is OK.


Parental Signature (worth 5 points on C level)

Grading Scale 40-55 = D 56-70 = C 71-85 = B 86-100 = A