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Grade 6 Social Studies: Aboriginal Peoples and European Explorers

by Heather Clayton

Pine Ridge District School Board

Toronto, Ontario


Grade Scale: A=80-100, B=70-79, C=60-69, D=50-59, E=0-49

C Layer: Choose 60 points

1.              Make up vocabulary cards for the following words: (social, political, economic, explorers, contributions). Write the word and definition on one side and draw a symbol to remind you of the meaning on the back.  Be prepared to define the words to the teacher.    10 points

2.                  Listen to the lessons and make notes using the organizers from the teacher.    5 points/day

3.                Complete the following chart:    15 points


Name of Explorer


When did he come?


What was he looking for?


Where did he travel?


What new areas were added to the map?




4.                  Make a ‘trunk’ (box) with 10 things that would be important for an explorer to bring on his ship.  Be prepared to defend your choices.    20 points

5.                  Using a Venn Diagram compare and contrast Jacques Cartier and Samuel Champlain’s expedition to Canada.    15 points

6.                  Build a model of a canoe out of the materials of your choice.  Be prepared to talk about its importance in the discovery of Canada.    20 points

7.                  Look at the picture on p 23 of the text that shows the Battle scene drawn by Champlain.  In a paragraph decide who won and why?    15 points

8.                  Create a 4 line song that the explorers could sing on their journey.    15 points

9.                  Make a time line from 1490-1620. Provide symbols and write a an explanation for each explorer and what he discovered.  You may make the time line from any material that you choose.    20 points

10.              Draw a map showing 5 of Champlain’s travels in and out of New France.  Color code each voyage differently.    20 points


B Layer: Choose 20 points

1.                  With a partner, role play the conversation between Jacques Cartier and Donnaconna. Cartier needs to explain why France has a right to own the land. Donnaconna needs to explain why the land belongs to his people.  Be prepared to present in front of the teacher and two friends.     20 points

 2.                  Invite an Aboriginal from the community to class to talk about his/her people.  Have a list of questions prepared to ask on behalf of your classmates.                               20 points

3.                  Make a replica of one example of a style of beaver fur hat.  Why were these hats so popular?    20 points

A Layer: Choose 20 points

1.                  Write a report on 1 of the European diseases brought to North America and its impact on Aboriginal peoples.    20 points

-write 5 important questions that you would need to answer.

-use websites and books to answer your questions.

2.                  Using any 3 sources that you think are relevant talk about how the treatment of our aboriginals today is the same as early explorers.  How is it different?  You may want to use a graphic organizer to clarify your thoughts.    20 points