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Grade 11 Designing Your Future (GWL 3O)

by Heather Clayton

Pine Ridge District School Board

Toronto, Ontario


1. Demonstrate an understanding of the transitions and changes that they(the students) face in the future and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses in managing change. (TCV.01)

2.  Demonstrate the effective use of a variety of strategies and resources for finding work and creating work.(TCV.02)

3.  Identify and describe their interests, skills, personal characteristics, and achievements, using a variety of assessment strategies; use this information to determine future goals.(PKV.01)

Grade Scale: A=80-100, B=70-79, C=60-69, D=50-59, E=0-49

C Layer: Choose 60 points

1.                  Go through “Guided day dream activity” (Appendix 1) with teacher and hand in your sheet with the key points filled in.    20 points

2.                  Complete 1 aptitude survey either on-line or choose from 2 that the teacher has.    20 points

Make a chart, using the following headings, of where you want to be in 5 years? 10 years?    20 points


Education/Apprenticeship/Work Placement


Lifestyle (ie. house, car, family



4.                  Use the magazines/newspapers provided to construct a collage entitled “The Impact of Technology on Future Life and Work.”    10 points

5.                  In groups of 3-4 students, present 2 tableaus for each of 4 occupations that you all may be interested in. The class and teacher will try to guess the occupations.    10 points

6.                  Using the “Future Plans” Appendix 2, fill in all of the boxes.  Be prepared to discuss with the teacher and a small group.    20 points

7.                  Write up 5 questions that you would want to ask a potential employer when inquiring about a job?  Role play that conversation with a friend.    20 points

8.                  Find 5 Job ads in the paper and call to see what the answers to the 5 questions in #7 are?    20 points

9.                  Take daily notes for the lecture.    5 points/day

Layer B: Choose 20 Points

1.                  Using either your interests or the aptitude survey that you did in C layer, choose 1 occupation that you are interested in.  Make an appointment to meet with someone in that profession to interview them about the job, training required etc.  Tape that interview and hand in the tape. 20 points

2.                  Using the problem solving model outlined in the program (PASTE), identify one problem or change that you have worked through using this model.    20 points

>Layer A: Choose 20 Points
Using your research skills, identify the impact of a societal trend on individuals and the nature of their work.  What impact will this trend have on you and your classmates when you graduate?    20 points

Choose 2 main patterns of work life that have changed.  What are the changes and how has this impacted our current work life?    20 points

3.                  Name 3 ways of doing a job that are outside the conventional 40 hours in the office type of job.  (for example: job share, staggered hours etc.) What percentage of the workforce is moving to this type of work?  What are the implications for the greater work force?    20 points