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Novel study: One Fat Summer by R. Lipsyte

by Heather Clayton

Pine Ridge District School Board

Toronto, Ontario

Required activities:

1.                  Do chapter questions provided for 10 of the 20 chapters.
Participate in the class discussions about the book at the beginning of class

C Layer Activities: Choose 60 points

1.                  Find 20 words that are new to you.  Write out the words, a definition and a drawing or symbol to help you remember the meaning of the word.  Use the context of the word from the book to help you.   10 points

2.                  Read aloud a chapter with friends, each of you taking the part of one of the characters.  Present it to the class.     20 points

3.                  Take the main components of a novel study such as setting, theme, crisis etc. and discuss where each of these concepts is shown in the book.     15 points

4.                  Bobby Marks has a vivid imagination.  Describe 3 situations where he uses his imagination.  Write a brief paragraph or poem about some of the things that you imagine.     15 points

5.                  Draw a cartoon of one of your favorite scenes in the book.  20 points

6.                  Draw a poster that would appeal to your friends and would make them want to read the book.  20 points

7.                  Write a newspaper story about Bobby Marks, after he is attacked by Willie Rumson on the dock.  20 points

8.                  Write a poem about friendship that reflects Bobby’s relationship with Joanie.    15 points

9.                  Cut out magazine pictures to make a collage reflecting the people and places in One Fat Summer.    10 points

10.              Write another chapter with a different ending to the story.   30 points

B Layer Activities: Choose 20 Points

1.                  Draw a map of the lake and its surroundings.  Include important places like the beach, Bobby’s cottage, Dr. Kahn’s home, the island and the main roads.  Mark on the places where 5 significant incidents occurred.     10 points

2.                  Do a taped interview with Pete the lifeguard for a local radio station.  Include questions about his sister’s struggle with polio and his feelings about Willie Rumson.     10 points

3.                  Make a list of 5 possible summer jobs that you might apply for.  What would the pro’s, con’s, pay etc. be for each one.     10 points

4.                  Design your idea of the perfect summer job.  Include details about the tasks required, responsibilities and payment.     10 points

5.                  Design an award for each main character to be given at the Rumson Lake end of summer bar-b-que.  Write a brief speech outlining why each character qualified for that particular award.    10 points


A Layer Activities: Choose 20 points

1.                  Find two articles in a teen magazine that you think would explain a lesson that Bobby learned that summer.  Provide a summary of each article, its link to the book and your opinion as to whether you agree or disagree.     20 points

2.                  Bobby lost a lot of weight during the summer.  What do you think were the major reasons for this.  Find 2 articles that would support your theories, and summarize.     20 points

3.                  Find 3 articles on the internet about plastic surgery and its risks.  Do you agree?  Why?  Why not?     20 points