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by Peggy Childs
Snow Canyon Middle School
St. George, UT

 Holes Unit

Section 1 - Earn a grade of “C” - 70 points

Required - read the book for 35 points. After reading, students will conference with the teacher and discuss a part of the book. Students who have been paying attention to the book will be able to discuss it and earn all the points. Students who have not been paying attention will not be able to complete this assignment and earn all of the points. Points are earned for your participation.

_____ Reading points earned

Your choice - Choose any of these assignments for a maximum of 35 points. You may work with a partner, but each of you must explain on your own, what you have learned from each assignment in order to earn the points. Get creative, and use your imagination! Full credit given for work that shows good effort and creativity. Fast and sloppy work will not get full credit.

_____Fill out a library “Bound for Books” card for the library drawing. (5 pts)

_____Take the Accelerated Reader test in the media center. (10 pts)

_____Hand in a complete set of class notes summarizing each chapter. (10 pts)

_____Illustrate a scene from the story; a yellow spotted lizard, or God’s Thumb. (10 pts)

_____With a partner, act out a scene from the book. (10 pts)

Section 2 - Earn a grade of “B” or “A” - Choose one assignment for a “B” grade or choose

two assignments for a “A” grade.

_____Write a letter to the author telling him your impressions of the book. (15 pts)

_____Make a complete family tree for each of the stories main characters. (15 pts)

_____Make a game (with game board and players) using the story as the theme. (15 pts)

_____Write 1-2 pages about what Green Lake would be like in the next 110 years. (15 pts)

_____Write 1-2 pages about a story from one of the other tents at Camp Green Lake. (15 pts)

_____Video a scene from the play. You may work with a partner. (15 pts)

_____Create a tune for the “If Only” song. Perform it or tape it. (15 pts)

_____Make up a 15 question worksheet for the book. Provide an answer key. (15 pts)


Bonus - 50 points - choose one bonus assignment for extra credit points.

_____Re-read Holes. Keep a reading record of pages read each night. This must be turned in

with a signature of a parent indicating you have shared each nights reading with them.

_____Dig a hole 5 ft. wide and 5 ft. deep using a shovel. (No fair using a back hoe.)

To prove you have finished this, I will go to your hole, and I’ll take a picture of you, your shovel, and the hole.

Parent Signature _______________________________________________________ (10 pts)

Total score for this unit _________________

Grade earned ____________