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On My Honor-Marion Dane Bauer

by Laurie Hadden

Kearns Jr. High


Required- read the book for 35 points. Students follow along with the taped reading. After we are finished, each student will discuss a part of the book with the teacher. Students who have read the book will be able to discuss it and will earn the points. students may be required to pass on oral quiz on the book. points earned for reading.

Your choice-Look at the option listed below, and decide which of them you will complete for a maximum of 35 pts. Depending on which ones you choose you will need to complete 1-2 assignments (or more) each day to finish on time. Full credit given for work that shows effort and creativity.

1. Make a colored illustration to go with the book. (5pts)

2. Choose five unfamiliar words from the book. Look up the definition and then write it in your own words. A list of words is available from the teacher. (2pts each)

3. Complete a vocabulary in context worksheet. (5pts each maximum 20pts)

4. Complete any or all of the 4 quizzes on the book. (5pts each, maximum 20pts)

5. Read the one page biography of the author and learn three interesting things about her. (10pts)

6. Color the picture of Tony and Joel swimming in the Vermillion River. Use colored pencils (5pts)

7. Write your answer to three questions about making difficult choices. See teacher for info. (10pts)

8. Read about the history of Starved Rack and learn three interesting things. (10pts)

9. Complete the worksheet on geography terms. (5pts)

10. Construct a time line, with colored pictures, of the events in the book. (10pts)

11. Complete the worksheet on map skills. (5pts)

12. Complete the word search. (5pts)

13. Read the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost and brainstorm a list of important decisions you have made in your life. See teacher for copy of poem. (10pts)

14. Working with one or more partners, choose on of the conversation topics available from the teacher, and write out the conversion that might have taken place. (10pts) perform/ read it for the class. (10pts)

15. Complete the unit test on the book. (10pts)

Section-earn a Grade of "B" or "A" - choose one for 15pts

Choose one of the following questions. Write your answer to this question, using your own ideas and those from the story. Give at least three reasons for your answer. You must write 75-100 words ( about half a page) to get credit for this choice. pts earned at B level

1. Will Mrs. Zabriskie continue to babysit Bobby while Mrs. Bates goes to work?

2. Will Joel talk to Tony's brothers? What will he say?

3. Was what happened to Tony Joel's fault?

4. Will Joel's father ever trust him again?

5. What do you think seventh grade will be like for Joel?

Write your own response to one of the following ideas. you must write a response of 75-100 words (about a half page) to get credit for this choice. Pts earned at A level

1. Sometimes it's a good thing to keep a secret. Sometimes it's not. What kind of secret is helpful to keep? What kind might be harmful?

2. Write about a time you or someone you know was caught in a lie or in a situation when you were doing something you were not supposed to do.

3. Write about a time you were angry and took your anger out on someone or something.

4. Anger is an emotion everyone feels from time to time. The important thing is to learn healthy ways to control and express anger. Think of three sensible things a person who is angry could do to help make the anger go away.

89-100 =A 77-88=B 62-76=C 50-61=D <50=F