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Kate Zweber

3rd and 4th Grade, Harriet Bishop Elementary, Savage, MN

C LAYER You may choose up to 65 points from this level

1. Take notes during lecture. 5 points per day, up to 25 points

2. Read at least two books on famous inventors. Complete a book project of your choice to demonstrate what you have learned. This could take the form of a written or oral report, poster, diorama, play, or another creative idea from your magnificent brain! 10 points

3. Create a memory game that matches 10 inventors' names with their inventions. Play the game with several friends. Play the game with several friends. 10 points.

4. Create a set of 10 flash cards with inventors and their inventions. 10 points.

5. Create a poster that shows what you have learned about a minimum of five inventors. 10 points

6. Teach a family member what you have learned about inventors and inventions. Write a 10 question quiz based on what you taught this individual. It could be fill in the blank, true and false, multiple choice, or a combination of the three. Give the quiz to this person. How did they do? 10 points

7. Create a crossword puzzle using inventors and their inventions. 10 points

8. Rent a movie on a famous inventor. Write down five interesting facts that you learned. Be ready to share this information. 10 points.

9. Write a song, poem, or rap about some of the inventors and their inventions that you have learned about. This may be shared in written form or orally with the class. 10 points.

B LAYER Choose one, all assignments worth 15 points

1. Design a new board game. Write the directions as well as the rules of the game. Play the game with a friend or family member.

2. Invent something that would make your day easier at school. Be prepared to explain your invention to the class.

3. Invent something that would make your life easier at home. Be prepared to explain your invention to the class.

4. Create a new recipe for a food. Have some friends or family members sample it. Ask them to critique the new delish dish. Share their opinions with the class orally or in writing.

5. Modify a current invention to take the place of something you use today. How can you make it better? After adjusting the current invention, which do you think is more efficient your invention, or the existing invention?

A LAYER Choose one, all assignments worth 20 points

1. Create a poster or comic strip that shows what life would be like without a major invention that our society depends on today. Explain your work to the class, and display your work in the classroom.

2. Write and essay or give a speech explaining which invention you think has been the most important invention ever created and why.

3. Interview several people of different ages about the following question: Would our society be better with or without the invention of popular video games such as Nintendo, Play Station, and Sega? Analyze the data, and present the information in the form of a graph. Write a summary including your opinion before and after you interviewed others. Did your beliefs change?

4. Use the internet to research the patent process in the United States of Ameria. Summarize this information in your own words. Do you agree or disagree with the process. With about at least one change that you would make to this process.

4- 95-100 points

3- 80-94

2- 70-80

1- 60-70

0- under 50