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Paula King,

Frontier Regional, Massachusetts


Listen to Lecture and Take Notes: ____________________

Days: 1 2 3 4 5 5pts/day

*Required Reading Activity: Read Chapter 8, Lessons I, II, and III: The Arabian Peninsula in To See a World.

Day 1: Origins of Islam

1. Read: Origins of Islam and Life of Muhammad. 5pts

2. Key Terms: Define all and then create a crossword puzzle using 10. 10pts

3. Answer questions: Life of Muhammad in Review. 10pts

4. Create a Time-line: Link 20 events, 10 Major Events in Islamic History with 10 Events in World History. 10pts

Day 2: Beliefs & Practices

1. View Video (first 1/2): Islam: There is no God, but God. 10pts

2. Read: The Koran and the Hadith. Answer questions. 5pts (10pts with Extension assignment)

3. Learn about the Five Pillars of Islam. Create a poster diagramming all Five Pillars. 10pts

4. Website: Learn about Mosques. Take notes. 10pts

Day 3: Celebrations & Achievements

1. View Video (second 1/2): Islam: There is no God, but God. 10pts

2. Read Play with others: King Hakim's Garden, about Ramadan. 5pts

3. Legacies: Learn about Islamic Architecture, Literature & Decorative Arts, or Science & Mathematics. 10pts

4. Read about Family Occasions: Childhood, Marriage, Death and Beyond. Create a scrapbook page highlighting each stage of life from an Islamic perspective. 10pts

Day 4: Project Choose only one. 15 pts.

1. Read Biographical Sketch: Ibn Battuta. Then compare his travels to those of Mansa Musa, including the importance of Mecca. Present your findings to your classmates, using the overhead projector.

2. Create a model of a Mosque. Research and then depict using accurate colors, shapes, and components of the building. Describe and display.

3. Research the Celebrations of Ramadan and Id-ul-Fitr and recreate a part of it for the class. 10pts.

4. Learn about Women in Islam

Day 5: Two-Paragraph Essay Choose only one. 20 pts.

1. How would your life be different if you grew up as a Muslim? Give clear examples from the information you have learned throughout this unit and beyond.

2. Compare and/or contrast the Five Pillars of Islam to the Ten Commandments.

3. Read a minimum of three newspaper articles that portray Muslims. Identify the general terms and descriptions used. How do these terms support or conflict with what you have learned in this unit about Islam?


* Days 1 - 3: Be prepared to orally defend and hand in work done on the previous day!

* Day 4 & Day 5 items should look like finished pieces. Be proud of your work! These will be handed in when the unit is due (Day 6.)

* Use a highlighter to indicate which items you have chosen to do on each given day.

* In order to earn an "A" you should aim to complete approximately 20 points of work per day.

* A maximum of 65 points can be earned from the activities listed on Days 1 - 3.

* You must attempt to earn 60 points from activities listed on Days 1 - 3 before moving on to a Day 4 or Day 5 activity.

* All computer activities require you to use the program for a minimum of 30 minutes and to take notes while on the site.

* Get a teacher signature next to each highlighted item, to show that you received the points.

* At the end, hand in this sheet, along with all the work you accomplished during this unit.

86+ = A 71+ = B 56+ = C 40+ = D

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Parent/guardian signature 5pts Date all work is due