Craig Whitmore, Delano High School, California

Unit 1 Life Science Basics: Safety, Tools, and the Scientific Method

NAME______________________ PER _____ TOTAL PTS _______

Grading Scale: 40=D 55=C 71=B 86=A

Section I. 65 points max. Must get 50 pts here to move to Section II.

1. Listen to the lecture on Life Science Basics and take notes. (5 pts)

2. Fill in the worksheet on “Metrics & Measuring”. (5 pts)

3. Label and color the picture of “the Microscope”. (5 pts)

4. Fill in the CLOZE passage for this section. (5 pts)

5. Make flashcards for Vocabulary #1. (5 pts)

6. Make a crossword puzzle entitled “Life Science Basics” using 10 vocabulary words. (5 pts)

7. Watch video on “Lab Accident at Jefferson High” and fill in questions. (5 pts)

8. Find a current event from a newspaper that relates to “the Metric System” or to “Safety”. Highlight the 5 most important sentences. (10 pts)

9. Fill in the Internet assignment about “the Scientific Method”. (10 pts)

10. Make up a 10 question quiz w/answers about “Life Science Basics”. (10 pts)

11. Make a PowerPoint presentation about “Yourself” (at least 5 slides). (10 pts)

12. Write an original story about a detective who uses the Scientific Method to solve a crime (at least 350 words = 1 page typed). (15 pts)

Section II. Choose one question to investigate and report on for 15 pts.

1. Who watches more hours of TV in one week, boys or girls?

2. Which color of cars are there more of in the Cecil Avenue parking lot?

3. Which contains more volume, 1 gallon or 2 liters?

Section III. These are REQUIRED activities for this unit only. 5 pts each.

1. Observation Activity, Part 1

2. Observation Activity, Part 2

3. Tables & Graphs Packet

4. Microscope Use Lab

5. PowerPoint Lab Section

IV. Unit Quiz. Required for all students. 10 pts. ______