Kathie F. Nunley, Granger High School


Here's an example where I've broken the "C" level into specific days for the students who want more structure. They still need to find time during the 5 day unit to work on the "B" and "A" level if that is where they are headed.

Unit 6 Mammals Name__________________________________

100 pts. Due Date______________ Period_________

Section One 65 POINTS MAX

1. Take notes from lecture 5 pts.
2. Make 15 flashcards from Terms on Board. Learn them. 10 pts.
3. Write a one page overview on the Class of Mammals. List 2 sources. 10pts.
4. Make a color picture representing various types of Mammals. 5 pts.


Choose an Order of Mammals ______________________. (no duplicates/class)
1. Read and summarize 3 articles from Ranger Rick on your Order. 10 pts
2. Write 1 page overview of your Order. list 2 sources. 10 pts.
3. Make a color picture representing various members of your Order. 5 pts.
4. Watch the laser disk on your Order. Write 15 new things about its members. 10 pts
5. Make 10 flashcards of Scientific/Common Names of member of your Order. 10 pts


Choose a Family within your Mammal Order. ________________.
1. Read the section in Holt on mammals. Be prepared to answer the review ques. 10pt.
2. Write a 1 page overview of your Family. List 2 sources 10 pts.
3. Make a color picture representing various members of your Family. 5 pts.
4. List 15 animals who are members of your Family. 5 pts.


1. Choose a specific species of mammal. __________________.
2. Write a 1/2 page report on their habitat. 5 pts
3. Write a 1/2 page report on their reproduction/child rearing. 5 pts.
4. Write a 1/2 page on environmental concerns regarding your animal. 5 pts.
5. Make a color picture showing your species in its habitat. 5pts.


1. Watch the video. List 15 mammals found. 5 pts
2. List the scientific name of 5 of the mammals. 5 pts.
3. List the Order of 10 mammals found in the video. 5 pts.
4. Give a 2 minute (max) oral report on the Order/Family/ or Species from this unit. 10 pt


Section Two 15 POINTS MAX - Choose one only
1. What type of Mammal was eaten by a barn Owl? Dissect a pellet and reconstruct the skeleto
2. How is a bat skeleton similar to a whale skeleton? Draw each and compare/contrast them.

Section Three 20 POINTS MAX - Choose one only
Find 3 recent magazine articles on the topic. List and summarize EACH article and write a paragraph of your opinion.

1. How did nearly all the marsupials end up in Australia?
2. What can be done to save the Manatee?
3. Besides humans, what is the most intelligent mammal?

Grades: 86+ A 71+ B 56+ C 40+ D