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The Early Peoples

by Marilyn Washington

Lake Elementary

St. Amant, La.

1.    TLW explain and give examples of how Native Americans and Europeans adapted to living in certain environments.
2.    TLW give examples of early cultures and settlements that existed in North America prior to contact with the Europeans

Level C  - 
 Choose 1 from 1-3  (10 pts) 3 days
1.    Participate in lecture and  fill in note sheets. 
2.    Listen to notes on tape and complete note sheets
3.    Read Chapter or assigned reading and answer questions

Choose 1 from 4-7 (5pts)
4.    Make vocabulary flash cards.  5pts

5.    Write definitions in your notebook

6.    Write sentences using the words correctly

7.    Make a crossword puzzle using vocabulary words

Everyone must do number 8
8.    Use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast characteristics North America before the Europeans and after the Europeans. (10 pts)

Choose 1 from 9-10
9.    Design an artifact using modeling clay that can be presented to the class.  Write a brief description of how this could have been utilized by the early peoples.  10pts

10.    Using a shoebox and soil create an archaeological dig.  Follow the steps on the activity sheet. 10 pts

Choose 1 from 11-12

11.    Using the outline map trace the route of the early peoples.  Use arrows to show the path the early people took from Beringia.  Complete worksheet on Maps that show movement.  10pts

12.  Construct a timeline, include the early arrival of people and the creation of the Monte Verde artifacts.  If an event occurred more than 2000 years ago it should be labeled B.C.  10pts

Everyone does #13.
13.    Imagine that you are one of the early peoples traveling from Beringia to the Americas.  Write a description of the migration of the early peoples to the Americas.  Describe the landforms (physical features) that you may have seen along the way, describe the climate, and the way of survival (ex. food, clothing, and hunting) 10pts

Everyone takes a form of the written test:
     14. Written Test

Level B- Choose one

1.  Archaeologist has developed theories about the arrival of the first peoples.  Imagine that you are an archeologist do you agree with the early arrival theory or disagree?  Give two arguments that support your answer.  10 pts

2.  The environment affected the ways early people moved form place to place.  Create a table showing how the environment affected the early people.  In the first column list all the words in the lesson that describe something in the natural environment (ex. glaciers, technology).  In the second column hypothesize, a way that each item was used by the earliest people or how it affected their lives.  10 pts

3.  Imagine that you are an archaeologist searching for evidence of the first Americans.  Write a letter to a friend or family member that tells what it is like to work at a dig.  Explain the kinds of artifacts or evidence you hope to find.  10 pts

Level A (15 pts)
1. How does the lives of Indians from the past influence us today?

Grading Scale (Does not include the test)
90-100 = A
80-89    = B
70-79    = C
60-69    = D
Below 60 = F