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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Middle School)

Marilyn Washington

Lake Elementary

St. Amant, Louisiana

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry comes with a Teachers guide and video. All activities in this layered lesson can be completed with this information.

C Layer

1. Participate in daily lecture.

Choose 1 from 2-4

2. Create vocabulary cards

3. Define vocabulary words in your notebook.

4. Complete vocabulary worksheet (2)

Numbers 5-11 required

5. Participate in oral reading evaluation.

6. Read or listen to chapters 1-4 and answer questions,

7. Read or listen to chapters 5-8 and answer questions

8. Writing Assignment: (About Midway the book) Contrast Cassie, Stacey, Christopher, John and Little Man. Even though they are brothers and sisters and have some common characteristics they are also distinctly different people.

9. Read or listen to chapters 9-12 and answer questions

10. Writing Assignment: Do things like those that happened to Cassie and her family in the story still happen today? Research information that support your answer. Prepare an essay to share your response.

11. Writing Assignment: Write a composition in which you pretend you are Mrs. Logan and are attempting to persuade one of your neighbors to boycott the Wallaces' store.

Choose 12 or 13

12. Create a Power Point presentation that describes the major characters in the book

13. Given al list of characters from the story and a list of their actions explain their motives.

Choose 2 from 14-18

14. Design a book cover (front and back) for Roll of Thunder, hear My Cry.

15. Complete Roll of Thunder Crossword Puzzle

16. Complete Roll of Thunder Vocabulary Crossword

17. Worksheets (3)

18. Participate in a Literature Circle

Choose 19 or 20

19. Complete Study Guide Quiz Questions for each chapter

20. Complete the 5 unit test

B. Layer Choose 2

21. Illustrate the chapters in the book; Give each chapter a title. The title should reflect the events of the chapter.

22. Make a power point presentation that describes each character as, Hero / Heroine; Villain / Victim, be able to defend your choice

23. Land is a major concern in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Let's make a connection through real estate. Interview a real estate agent (or invite one to your class) to explain what is involved when one wants to purchase residential real estate. Have the agents describe the steps to purchasing a house. Students should figure how much they would need as a down payment, closing cost and how much yearly for taxes.

24. Create a brochure on Mississippi, describing its location, topography, industries, interesting sites to see, historical information etc

A. Layer Choose 1

25. Why was Cotton called King of the South?

26. Why are some prejudice?