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Weather 2nd Grade

by Marilyn Washington

Lake Elementary

St. Amant, La.

Describe characteristics of the Sun, Stars and Earth's Moon (e.g relative size, shape, color, production of light, heat) ESS-E-B1
Give examples of how the sun affect's Earth's processes (e.g., water cycle)

C Layer (5pts each)
1.    Participate in class discussion (whole class)
2.    View and discuss video

Choose number 2 or 3 (5pts)
3.    Listen to lecture and take notes***
4.    Listen to notes on tape and answer questions***

Choose number 4 or 5 (5pts)
5.    Define vocabulary words***
6.    Make flash card with vocabulary words***

Choose number 6 or 7  (5 pts)
7.    Watch the weather for 4 nights and report to class
8.    Read the newspaper and get the weather report for 4 days

Choose number 8 or 9  (5pts)
9.    Draw a picture of the sky on a rainy day
10.    Draw a picture of the sky on a day filled with sunshine

Everyone must do numbers 11-14
11.    Sort pictures of clouds, (good weather, bad weather) (5 pts)
12.    Complete 2 worksheets from the packet (2.5 pts each)
13.    Make a small poster that demonstrates the Water Cycle (5pts)
14. Written Test (25)(These points have been added into the grading scale.

B Layer

1.    Build your own weather station (This website will help students learn weather instruments.   (10 pts)

A   Layer
1.Why is weather forecasting important to airline pilots? (15 pts)

Grading Scale
78-90 = A
67-77 = B
56-66 = C
41-55 = D
Below 41 = F