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World Religions

Marilyn Washington

Lake Elementary

St. Amant, La.

Major Religions

Major Religions/Empires-Med. Basin
Identify the major religions and relate them to the empires that emerged in the Mediterranean basin, China, and India. (Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam) (H-1C-M8)
(Knowledge, Comprehension, Application)     4.0

Compare /Contrast Major Religions
The Learner will describe or compare and contrast the major religions in terms of leaders, key beliefs, and locations (H-1C-M8).
(Comprehension, Analysis, Evaluation)   3.0

Spread of Major Religions
The Learners will trace, describe or analyze the spread of major religions and cultural traditions (e.g., the migration of Jews, spread of Christianity, expansion of Islamic rule) (H-1C-M9)
(Knowledge, Application, Synthesis, Evaluation) 3.0

Effects of Major Religions
The learners will identify the effect that the major religions have had on European, Asian, and African civilization (H-1C-M9).
(Analysis)   3.0

Origins and Influence
The learners will analyze the origins and influence of Hittite, Minoan, and Mycenean civilizations (H-1C-M5)      (Analysis)       2.0

Stars ** indicate information that will be on written test. Other activities will be graded using alternate methods. Please study nightly.
All work in each layer must be completed before you go to the next layer.

Layer C (Basic)
1.    Listen to the Lecture; (Required for all)**(2pts each-3 days)

Vocabulary Words:**
Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, muslim, Quran Culture, Ten Commandments, Vedas, caste, untouchable, prophet, Sanskirt, New Testament, reincarnation, martyrs, apostles, messiah, disciples, crucifixion.

Choose one option from numbers 2-6 to complete your vocabulary words:  (5pts)

2.     Define the vocabulary words in your notebook

3.    Use the vocabulary words  and make flashcards that describe each word. Use pictures to enhance your cards. Practice your flashcards daily with a partner or group. When you recognize all the words report to the teacher. (This is a group or partner activity.
4.    Make a Crossword puzzle using the vocabulary words

5.    Write a sentence for each vocabulary word. Make sure the meaning of the word is clear in your sentence.

6.    Record your definitions on tape.

Choose one option from numbers 7-10 to answer your questions:  (10 pts)

**Questions: (1.)What caused the Aryans to move from Asia to India? (2.)What advantages did the Aryans have over the native people of India in the competition for farmland? (3.) What were some of the things Aryans brought to India? (4.)Who created India's first empire? (5.) Who was more suited to be a leader, Chandragupta Maurya or Ashoka? Why? (6.) Where did Christianity have its beginning? (7.) How did the Christian religion and Roman society affect each other? (8.) How did Roman persecution affect the Christians? (9.) What do you think caused the Roman Empire to split apart? (10.)  What caused the Christian Church to divide? (11) Who were the Minoans and the Myceneans? What are their origins and contributions to society? (12.)What affect did religion have on trade in European, Asian and African Civilizations?

7.    Answer the above questions in your notebook:

8.    Prepare an oral presentation of the above questions.

9.    Make a Powerpoint presentation that answers the questions from above.

10.    Make a tape recording of your answers to the questions above.

11.    Worksheets: You must choose 3 of the following worksheets to complete:  (5 pts each)

A Family of Languages
How to use a Cultural Map
More about Fables
The Influence of Ashoka
Superior Military Technology
India & Persia

Choose one option from 12-15 to describe the following terms:** (10 pts)
** Cyrus the Great, Darius and Zarathustra., Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya, The Golden Age of India, Alexander the Great, Constantine, Augustus, Muhammad, Jesus

12.    Write a short descriptive paragraph in your notebook for each term listed above.

13.    Make a poster that accurately describes the above terms.

14.    Make a booklet that identify and describe the above terms

15.    Make Flashcards for the terms listed above terms.

16 & 17 required for all. You may work with a partner or group to complete. Everyone must have their own copy of completed work. (10 pts each)

16.    Identify important dates of the early Christian era. Complete Chart and Graph Skills page 279

17 Choose a partner, Read Two Fables from Fataka Tales.(p.198) Discuss the story with your partner and explain the message the animal characters give to humans. Be prepared to discuss with the whole class.

***All students will take a form of the written test. These points not added into the grading scale.

B Layer (Mastery)

Numbers 1,2, 3& 4  required by all. You may work with a partner or group to complete: Choose three activities from numbers 5-13 to complete. (10 pts each)

1.    Making Social Studies Relevant. Read page 282 and do the activity on page 283

2.  Make a chart that compares and contrast Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.(show leaders, beliefs, contributions to society, location)

3. Complete the map and globe activity on using a Cultural Map pages 196-197. Complete the entire activity 1-4. You may work with a partner or group of four to complete this activity. Everyone must have their own copy.

4.    Go to the school or public library, internet etc. read a fable. Be prepared to give an oral report on it that explains the fable's origin, plot, and moral.

5.    Surf the net and make a presentation of pictures that represent the majors religions. Be prepared to present and describe your presentation to the class.

6.    Make a scrapbook that contains pictures and articles on the major religions. Be prepared to present and describe your scrapbook to the class.

7.    Make a poster that describes the four major religions. Be prepared to present and describe your poster to the class.

8.    Prepare a speech that explains to your class characteristics of the major religions. (You should have at least 3 characteristics of each)

9.    Music is a very important aspect of religion: Collect samples of religious music and bring to class. Be prepared to share with the class.

10.    Prepare a poster or video that shows clothing associated with religions. Be prepared to share with the class

11.    Prepare a presentation, (Poster, Video,Power Point) that dispalys and explains religious symbols, (Ex. Cross, beads etc.)

12.    Create a board game called "Major Religions", using the information previously discussed.

13.    Prepare a presentation that describes religious festival.

14.    Invite a guest speaker that speak to the class on  major religions. Be prepared to introduce your guest to the class. (Must first be approved by teacher.)

A Layer (Advanced) Choose 1—20 pts
1.    Should there be a Caste System today?
2.    Does religion have any affect on Americans today?

Grading Scale: 137-156---A, 105-136----B, 79-104---C,
51-78---D,     Below 51 =F