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Early Medieval Europe

Virgil Johnson - Granger H.S. UT

Section One: Choose any of these assignments for a maximum of 70 points.

1. Lecture Notes. 10 pts

2. Film Notes. 10 pts

3. Complete packet of assignments on chapter. 20 pts.

4. Outline chapter and section reviews pg. 250 2 -2 4, pg. 255 1-6. 15 pts.

5. Maps: Charlemagne's empire 248, Medieval trade routes 257. 10 pts.

6. Draw your own Coat of Arms. 10 pts.

7. Complete, "The Dragon", assignment. 10 pts.

8. Find pictures of Romanesque and Gothic building of the Medieval era by making a collage. 15 pts.

9. Complete the word search. 10 pts.

Section Two. choose only one. 15 pts.

1. Make a poster of Medieval knights, serfs, kingdoms, castles, kings, etc.

2. In a dictionary, find the following words: MEDIEVAL, NATIVE, SEPERATE, FEUDAL, GOVERNMENT, STABILITY, CONQUER, POPE, REDUCE, CONSTANT AND TURMOIL. Define each word and use it in short story of Medieval times.

3. Make a timeline for a typical day in a serf's life. Include daily activitities and the times the activities were performed.

Section Three: Choose only one 15 pts.

1. You are the son of a lord. You know that you are supposed to become a knight, but you really want to become a silversmith. Write a well reasoned argument using pro and con format.

2. Research the KNIGHT'S TEMPLARS. Who were they? Why were they known as the "Bankers of Europe"? Use report format.