Craig Whitmore, Delano High School, California

Unit 7 Mendelian Genetics

NAME______________________ PER _____ TOTAL PTS _______

Grading Scale: 42=D 57=C 75=B 90=A

Section I. 65 points max. Must get 50 pts here to move to Section II.

1. Listen to the lecture on Mendelian Genetics and take notes. (5 pts)

2. Fill in the worksheet on “Mendelian Genetics”. (5 pts)

3. Draw an illustration of Mendel’s work, using a trait from Figure 3 (p. 73) and following the illustration in Figure 2 (p. 72). (5 pts)

4. Fill in the CLOZE passage for this section. (5 pts)

5. Make flashcards for Vocabulary #7. (5 pts)

6. Answer the Section Review Questions from pages 75 (1-3) & 83 (1-4) . (5 pts)

7. Watch video called “We are All Heirs” and fill in questions. (5 pts) ______

8. Make up a 10 question quiz w/answers about “Mendelian Genetics”. (5 pts)

9. Make a PowerPoint presentation about “Mendel’s Contribution to Genetics” (at least 5 slides). (10 pts)

10. Fill in the Internet assignment called “Mendelian Genetics”. (10 pts)

11. Conduct the “Skills Lab” on pages 76-77 with the class. Answer questions 1-2. (10 pts)

12. Make a crossword puzzle using at least 10 vocabulary words from Unit 7. (10 pts)

Section II. Choose one question to investigate and report on for 10 pts.

1. Conduct the “Discover Activity” on page 78. Toss the coin at least 100 times and explain the outcome (check out page 79).

2. Use the Trait Wheel on p. 77 to compare the phenotypes of you and your immediate family.

3. Conduct the “Skills Lab” on pages 84-85. Answer questions #1-5.

Section III. Choose one question to research and write a report on for 10 pts.

1. Did Gregor Mendel fake some of his data? Why do some scientists think this?

Section IV. Homework completed by day of Unit Quiz. 10 pts. ______

Section V. Unit Quiz. Required for all students. 10 pts. ______