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General Music - 8th Grade

Gayle Tenhouse

Payson Seymour Jr. High School, Payson, Illinois.


Elements of Music

Section I C level max 65 points.

1. listen to lecture and take daily notes. (5pts/day)

2. Ten flashcards using musical element terms. 10 pt

3. Ten flashcards using musical element symbols. 10pt.

4. Musical element word search. 10 pts.

5. Draw pictures to visually represent 5 musical elements. Label each picture. 10 pts.

6. Examine a piece of music (The Lion King) and identify and define the elements used in the music. 10 pts.

7. Complete a song project form. 10 pts. (you may do 2of these)

8. List 15 different forms of music.

9. Complete the Musical Styles worksheet, listing 25 musical styles. 10 pts.

10. List 5 different dynamics and 5 different tempo markings. Use the musical terms for these elements. 10pts.

11. Write a well-developed paragraph on your favorite musical style. Use musical elements to write your paragraph. 10 pts.

12. List 5 different radio stations and tell what style music they play. Tell me what your favorite radio station is and 2 sentences why. 10 pts.

13. Find a website for 3 different styles of music. Fill out a web site form on each site. 10 pts.

Section 2 B level

1. Complete 3 music analysis forms using 3 different styles of music. 20 pts

2. Write a one-page paper describing what musical elements might be used by a film composer writing music for a horror film. Use and describe at least 5 different elements. 15pts.

3. Read Chapter 10. Provide a one page outline or summary and fill out the Chapter 10 quiz. 30 pts.

Section 3 A level

1. Compose and perform a musical composition using musical elements. Traditional or non-traditional musical notation my be used. You must add dynamics, set a tempo, and use steps and skips in your melody. Use as many elements you can. Provide a list of elements used in your composition. The composition must be at least 16 measures or the length must be approved. 50pts.

2. Listen to a complete symphony. Describe each movement of the symphony using musical elements. Include the title of the symphony, composer and musical form of each movement of the symphony. 50 pts.