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Elements of Music
Gayle Tenhouse
Payson Seymour Jr High School
Payson, Illinois

Name Date Due

Section 1 C level Maximum 65 points

1. Listen to lecture and take daily notes. (5 pts/day)
2. Ten flashcards using musical element terms. 10 pts.
3. Ten flashcards using musical element symbols. 10 pts.
4. Musical element word search. 10 pts.
5. Draw pictures to visually represent 5 musical elements. Label each picture 10 pts.
6. Examine a piece of music (The Lion King) and identify and define the elements used in the music 10 pts.
7. Complete a song project form. 10 pts. (You may do 2 of these)
8. List 15 different forms of music.
9. Complete the Musical Styles Worksheet. Listing 25 musical styles 10 pts.
10. List 5 different dynamics and 5 different tempo markings. Use the musical terms for these elements. 10 pts.
11. Write a well-developed paragraph on your favorite musical style. Use musical elements to write your paragraph. 10 pts.
12. List 5 different radio stations and tell what style music they play. Tell me what your favorite radio station is and 2 sentences why. 10 pts.
13. Find a web site for 3 different styles of music. Fill out a web site form on each site, 10 pts.

Section 2 B level

1. Complete 3 music analysis forms using 3 different styles of music. 20 pts.

2. Write a one-page paper describing what musical elements might be used by a film composer writing music for a horror film. Use and describe at least 5 different elements. 15 pts.

3. Read Chapter 10. Provide a one page outline or summary and fill out the Chapter 10 Quiz

30 pts.

Section 3 A level

1. Compose and perform a musical composition using musical elements. Traditional or non-traditional musical notation may be used. You must add dynamics, set a tempo, and use steps and skips in your melody. Use a s many elements you can. Provide a list of elements used in your composition. The composition must be at least 16 measures or the length must be approved. 50 pts.

Grades: 40-55=D 56-70=C 71-85=B 86+= A

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(Signature and phone worth 5 points in "C" level)