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Music History
Gayle Tenhouse
Payson Seymour Jr High School
Payson, Illinois

Name Date Due

Section I C level Maximum 65 points

1. Listen to lecture and take daily notes. 5 pts/day

2. Era sheets. 5 pts per sheet

3. Complete the composer classification worksheet. 10 pts

4. Make a collage of famous composers and label the composer. 10 pts.

5. List 3 different styles of forms of music written during each era of classical music history.

10 pts.

6. List the 6 different eras of classical music history. Write the dates of each era and name 5 composers from the era. 10 pts.

7. Complete the musical era matching worksheet. 10 pts.

8. Listen to 2 different pieces of classical music. Name the piece, the composer, and the era in which it was written. Write 2 things you liked about each piece of music. 10 pts.

9. Find web sites on classical music history. Fill out a web site review sheet on each site you find. 5 pts. each/Maximum 15 pts.

10.Make 15 flashcards. One side musical era, other side musical style, form, or composer. 10 pts 11.List 7 composers and 5 of their musical works. 10 pts.

12. Definitions worksheet. 10 pts.

13. Create a classical music history test. 10 pts.


Section 2 B level Maximum 30 pts.

1. Composer fact sheets. 15 pts.

2. Make a list (at least 5) of classical music you hear on TV shows, movies, commercials, etc. Include the title of the music and composer. 15 pts.

3. Read pages 437-439 in the text and listen to 2 movements of John Corigliano's "Pied Piper Fantasy". Describe what you hear in the music, and tell what the composer is trying to portray. 15 pts.


Section 3 A level

1. Read in the text Chapter 23, pages 445-461. Create a detailed outline of the chapter. 20 pts.

2. Compare and contrast a piece of music written in the Baroque Era to a piece of music written in the Romantic Era. Include title of pieces and composers. Use musical elements to write your one-page paper about the music. 20 pts.

3. Complete a composer fact sheet about John Cage. Write a complete paragraph telling why or why not his composition 4'33" should be considered music. 20 pts.

4. Create a classical music timeline. Include dates, musical happenings, and composers. 40 pts.