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1 9 6 8 - 1 9 7 4

Virgil Johnson
Granger High School
Salt Lake City, Utah


Chapters 21-24 Name____________________

Pages 682-804 Period_____________

Section 1. Choose any assignment for a maximum of 70 pts.

1. Objectives handout. 15 pts.

2. Chapter 23 worksheets. 15 pts.

3. Read 2 articles, dealing with the "Watergate" break-in from the library and summarize the

articles. 10 pts.

4. List the facts supporting the idea that "1968" was the most shattering year of the 60's. 10 pts

5. Make flashcards of the key terms, people and places for each section: pages 748, 754, 760,

765. 15 pts.

6. Create puppets of 2 major and 2 minor characters from the chapter.

7. Outline the chapter. 10 pts.

8. Pass a quiz at 80 % or better. 10 pts.

9. Explain the tumultuous events of 1968 including assassinations and military complications in

Vietnam. 10 pts.


Section 2. Choose only one. 15 pts.

1. Assume a role of a Republican party official in 1968, and write a letter to a newspaper editor

encouraging voters to support a Republican candidate in the 1968 election.

2. After reading page 758, "To coin a phrase," create 6 new phrases and explain its usage in

political terms.

3. Imagine what might have happened if conflicts of: Detent, SALT, realpoltik, hadn't been

solved during the Nixon years.


Section 3 Choose only one 15 pts.

1. US and China relations were tense during the Nixon administration, Nixons' reputation was

one of strong anti-communism which enable him to approach China. Predict what might have

happened had Nixon been weak against China, use facts from the chapter.

2. Research the Pro and Cons of the Watergate scandal, after finding information, if, you were

the Judge, what punishment would you give?


Objectives Handout

Name_________________________________ Period______________________________


1. Objective: Collect data from the chapter and show the differences in story form between the various turning points in 1968.

_____Tet offensive

_____Assassination of Dr. King

_____Violence at National Democratic convention

_____Reaction to the violence help Nixon with the presidency

2. Objective: Write your opinion of the Nixon administration, listing the pro and cons:

_____Style of government

_____His stance of economy, law and order

_____Slowing of Civil Rights

3. Objective: Illustrate what daily life was like during the Nixon years on foreign policy in the following:

_____Henry Kissingers' role in making foreign policy.

_____Nixon's role in international tensions

_____His reversing of foreign policy with China

_____US and Soviets move toward Arms control

4. Objective: Create cartoons of the Watergate scandal, add some humor of the scandal:

_____Nixon White House operated in an atmosphere of suspicion

_____Nixon and his support taking extreme measures to win the 1972 elections

_____Nixons' cover up of the break in

_____Nixons' involvement in break in led to resignation