The Odyssey - By Homer

Written by: Sherrard Pearce

Catawba County Schools in Hickory, North Carolina

Level "C" - 65 points (basic understanding)

1. Read the epic poem with class and answer three worksheets.15 pts.

2. Act out one scene of the epic poem with finger puppets you have created. 10 pts.

3. Draw a scene from the epic poem and label the action. 10 pt

4. Write a two-paragraph summary about the epic poem. This summary MUST be in a language other than English. 10 pt

5. Make a mask of one of the characters from the play. 10 pts.

6. Create a diorama illustrating the story's major problem (s) and solution(s). 15 pts.

7. Act out a favorite scene of the epic poem. 10 pts. 8. Create a personal coat of arms for any character from the play. 10 pts.

9. Create a newspaper for incidents in the epic poem The Odyssey. Create pictures, a cover story, obituaries) and other features of a newspaper. 15 pts.

10. Choose 10 new or interesting words from the epic poem and make flashcards with their definitions. Be able to tell their meanings. 10 pts.

11. Answer all questions in the book for each section of The Odyssey. 15 pts.

12. Make a 3-D map of the places to which Odysseus traveled.15 pts.

13. Make a 3-D replica of the type of boat in which Odysseus and his men would have traveled.

Level "B" - Choose one

1. Write a paper discussing the conflicts Odysseus faces (Circe, Calypso, Polyphemus, Scylla & Charybdis, etc.), as well as the consequences of his actions.

2. Rewrite the story in a modern setting.

3. Make a diary that Odysseus would have written to express his thoughts throughout the epic poem. Include a MINIMUM of six 3/4 page entries.

4. Rewrite the scene where Odysseus taunts the Cyclops, Polyphemus. Change the outcome. How does this affect Odysseus, his men, Penelope, Telemachus, and the kingdom?

Level "A" - Choose one

1. Research Amelia Earheart. What do you think happened to her? Compare her voyage/quest with Odysseus' quest. Write an essay discussing your findings. Your paper should be at least two pages long.

2. Research the "Bermuda Triangle." Where do people think it is? Do you think the Triangle exists? Explain what you think happened to the planes, ships, and people who disappeared over this area. Your paper should be at least two pages long.

3. Research the role of the Greek gods in the lives of the Greeks. Is Odysseus a puppet of the gods or master of his own fate? Was he responsible for his actions? Was he responsible for the destruction of his men? Could he have done anything to stop the chain of events? Write an essay stating reasons for your opinion and support your opinion with examples from the epic poem.