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Grade 1 Phonics- Short a

By Amy Smalley

Sky Oaks Elementary Burnsville, Minnesota


Recognize/identify Aa

Name the letter a

Know the short a sound

Rhyme using short a word families

Decode basic short cvc words

Transfer knowledge of short a to journal and other writing

Day 1 topic: -at family

1. Read The Cat in the Hat as a class (c layer)

2. Generate the -at family word list. (c layer)

3. Have children record the words on a "Cat in the Hat" paper hat. (c layer)

Day 2: topic: -an family "Dan the Flying Man" by Joy Cowley

1. Generate some of the -an family. (c layer)

2. Have children generate rhyming words with a partner. (B layer)

3. Make an "-an fan". (C layer)

Day 3 topic: -ag family

1. Generate some of the -an family. (C Layer)

2. Have children generate rhyming sounds. (A layer)

3. Make an "-ag flag". (C Layer)

Day 4 topic: -short a review

1. Read Tha Paper Bag Princess as a class (C Layer)

2. Make your own "paper bag princess" and then write short a words on the paper lunch bag. (C Layer)

Day 5 topic: short a party

1. Have students bring one or a combination of more than one of the following projects to school.

-A written list of short a words

-Pictures of short a words they have drawn

-Short a pictures from a magazine, newspaper....

-A collection of short a objects found around their house.

-Use your imagination to make a book or other project showing your knowledge of short a words.

2. Short a class bingo using Apple Jacks. (C layer)


1. Complete letter Aa handwriting.

2. Short a worksheets

3. Computer programs

B LAYER ( Select 2 or 3 activities)

1. Make a short collage

2. Create a different short a word family other than the ones we've studied.

3. Word building using cards or magnetic letters.

4. Sorting pictures by short vowel sounds.

A LAYER (Select 1 or 2 activities)

1. Generate/match rhyming words

2. Find and correct errors in a short vowel sentence (Example- The man will pat the cab)

3. How many sentences can you generate using short vowel a words?