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Dawn Schmidt

1st grade- Harriet Bishop, Savage, MN

Day 1:

Read "The Tiny Seed" together

A. Discuss what will happen when you plant using differnt variables. No sun, no water, no air, and no light. They can draw and discuss.

B. Design a flower out of differnt kinds of seeds and label the parts.

C. Read "The Tiny Seed" to a partner and label the flower on the worksheet.

D. Practice words with double "ee". Be able to read the cards.

Day 2:

Read "Tops and Bottoms" together

A. Discuss which is the healthiest vegetable? Why?

B. Construct a fake vegetable garden using all sections of an egg carton. Try to plant as many different vegetables as possible. Using the scale. Ex. Corn= 2 carton squares. Beans=4 carton squares etc.

C. Classify vegetables in either tops or bottoms category

D. Play memory game with vegetable vocabulary words.

Day 3:

Read "Jack and the Beanstalk" togethert

A. Do you think it's okay to disobey sometimes? why?

B. What will happen if you soaked a bean in vinegar? Predict and conduct experiment.

C. Listen to a different version of Jack and the Beanstalk and tell some of the differences.

D. Class book page- cut out pictures from magazines that would go, Fe,Fi,Fo, Fum, I smell....