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Diana Fullmer, Mueller Park Jr.High, Bountiful, Utah

NAME ______________________________ PERIOD ___________

"C" LEVEL. You must complete 70 points before moving on to the "B" level

1. Complete all class notes. 15 points

2. Complete 3 journal entries and accompanying home links. 10 points

3. Complete 3 moral dilemmas 10 points

4. Create 15 vocabulary flashcards from the reading material 15 points

5. Read in text pages 84-89 and outline 5 points

6. Create a Mayflower Story Tree 5 points

7. Begin or add to a timeline: Henry 8th, Martin Luther, Protestant

Reformation, Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth 10 points

8. View the illustrations of family life in the early colonies and make a list

of 10 things you see. Then compare those 10 items with your life today 10 points

9. Read pages 72-80 in the novel "Constance" and write down 8 things you learned

about the first Thanksgiving. Then compare the first Thanksgiving with the

Thanksgiving you have with your family. 10 points

10. Read the article "Thanks to Two Pilgrims" and write down 8 facts 5 facts

11. Listen to the tape "A Mighty Fortress by Martin Luther. Write what you think this

song says about the author and then explain why he was excommunicated from

his church when he was obviously a man of faith. 5 points

12. Read the playlet "Kidnapped" and answer all the Think About It Sections 10 points

13. Read the playlet "Jamestown, Struggle for Survival" and answer the four questions

at the end of the play. 5 points

14. Watch the video "A Pilgrim's Journey" and record the problems of sailing on the

Mayflower. 10 points


1. Create a travel brochure to encourage settlers to come to one of the first English


2. Do a pop up book of one of these famous characters: John Smith, Pocahontas, John

Rolfe, Martin Luther, William Bradford, Henry 8th, Elizabeth I

3. Analyze the Mayflower Compact and then rewrite it in more modern language

4. Create a video tape to demonstrate your knowledge of life in the early colonies

5. Build a model of Jamestown or of Plymouth


1. Research the following documents: 10 Commandments, Magna Charta, Mayflower

Compact and Iroquois Confederation. Make a comparison chart between these

ancient codes and the development of the governing factors in colonial America.

2. Research the Renaissance that was taking place at the same time as the Age of

Explorations. Focus on the literary, scientific and artistic developments.

3. Watch the Disney film Pocahontas and analyze how Disney portrays the early

days in Jamestown and the relationship between the English and Powhatans.

Compare this information with the true facts.


1. Read Adventure Tales of America, pages 35-38 write 8 facts 10 points

2. Read Adventure Tales of America, pages 40-44 write 8 facts 10 points

3. Read Adventure Tales of America, pages 47-50 write 8 facts 10 points

4. Read article "The English Come To America pages 53-56 10 points

5. Read article "The Pilgrims" pages 59-62 10 points