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Pre-Revolution Times

Diana Fullmer, Mueller Park Jr.High, Bountiful, Utah


NAME _________________ PERIOD_________ POINTS__________


1. Lecture notes 15 points

2. Acrostic puzzle, see direction sheet 10 points

3. Listen to tape and then compare and contrast 2 pre-Revolutionary songs, see direction

sheet 10 points

4. Read a novel: "My Brother Sam Is Dead", "Johnny Tremain", "April Morning", or

"Sarah Bishop" Create a time line of the important events 25 points

5. Create 15 vocabulary flash cards from your reading 15 points

6. Read and outline the text, pages 142-155 15 points

7. Read "Why Don' You Get a Horse Sam Adams" and write 15 facts 10 points

8. Read playlet "Massacre in Boston" and answer all the Think About It 5 points

9. Read article "Boston Tea Party" and write 10 facts 10 points

10. Read the article "The Colonies Must Be Punished" and write down 10 facts and then

write a paragraph and answer the following question, Should a city be punished for

the misdeed of a few? 15 points

11. Read "Can't You Make Them Behave King George?" and write 15 facts 15 points

12. Create or add to a timeline: Proclamation of 1763, Sugar Act, Quartering Act,

Stamp Act, Declaratory Act, Townshend Act, Boston Tea Party, Boston

Massacre, Intolerable Acts , First Continental Congress 15 points

13. Read and complete worksheet "Britain's New Colonial Policy" 5 points

14. Create an anti-king cartoon and show why the colonists are unhappy with the

king 5 points

15. Read "What If" see direction sheet 10 points

16. Watch video "Seeds of Revolt" and write down 8 facts 5 points

17. Analyze 2 political cartoons from the 17th century, see direction sheets 10 points

18. Read and write on the 2 pre-Revolutionary moral dilemmas 5 points

19. Write a letter to the King of England explaining why the colonies have the right to be

free of British control. Use arguments that would have been important to the

colonists. 10 points

20. Watch the video "Johnny Tremain" scene of the Boston Tea Party. Write down

10 facts. 10 points

21. Read the article "First To Die" and write down 8 facts 5 points

22. Read "Britannia Rules! America Rebels" and write 15 facts 15 points


1. Your goal is to anger the British troops. Write a song, slogan, and design a poster

to accomplish your goal.

2. Interview a colonist just after the Boston Massacre. Include at least 15 questions

and responses. Write a news report illustrating the attitude, reactions and strength

of the colonist.

3. If you have read one of the novels, create a painting that depicts one of your

favorite scenes.

4. Create a story cube of 6 of the most important events of this time period

5. Create a TV program where you are a character from this time period explaining your

side of the story. You may videotape it.


1. What area in the world today are people struggling for their freedom? How is

their struggle similar or different than our American Revolution?

2. In what ways is the government limiting or trying to limit the freedoms of

citizens today?

3. Which member of the Sons of Liberty made the greatest contribution to

the movement for independence: James Otis, Paul Revere, or Samuel


4. What methods of propaganda used in pre-Revolutionary times do you think

were the most effective for turning the colonists toward revolution?