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Introducing Psychology

Patty Richardson

Pine View High School

St. George, Utah

Name____________________ Total Points____________ Due__________

Section I "C" Level- 70 points

Required Assignments

*Read Chapter 1

1. Listen to the lecture and take notes on study guide each day

2. Study guide 20 pts.

3. Flash cards on vocabulary. 10 pts.

4. Create a heredity vs. environment poster (present) 25 pts.

5. Tell your parents about what you are learning in psychology. Have your parents sign off your parent card. 15 pts.

Section II "B" Level- 15 points (Choose one)

1. To understand the concept of observable behavior, watch someone for three to five minutes. Record everything you "see". Be as objective as posible, avoid any value judgments about physical appearance or behavior. Have me look over your comments as I look for subjective observations. Explore the importance of objectivity as a technique of gathering information. Do you think psychologists can learn everything they need to know about a person by observing only their behaviors?

2. How does body language effect communication? Using the library as a resource, find information about body language. Using five common body positions approach five different people asking for the same thing. You could ask for a pencil, paper, or you could as a teacher to use the hall pass. Which body language was most effective in getting what you asked for? Why do you suppose this is? Describe teh most effective body language. Cite your sources in MLA format.

Section III "A" Level- 15 points (Choose one)

1. What effects do environment and heredity have on your personality? Compare your traits with your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Whom do you most likely resemble in personality, not physical traits. Research two current articles regarding the effects of environment and heredity on personality. Develop your own opinion and present to the class. Cite your works, typed in MLA format. 15 pts.

2. What role do dreams play in your everyday life? Is there meaning to dreams> Record your dreams for three nights and determine their relativity to your life. Research two current articles regarding the meaning of dreams. Develop your opinion of the meaning of dreams and present to the class. Cite your works, typed in MLA format. 15 points.

GROUP ASSIGNMENTS: Required in-class assignments completed and passed off as a group.

1. Create a time line of the history of psychology. 10 pts.

2. Identify and explain the careers of psychology. 10 pts.

3. Identify the disciplines of psychology and explain. 10 pts.