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Math - Ratio, Percent, & Proportion

Mark Thomas

TKS Middle School, Elizabethtown, KY

Section I: Level C. 65 pts. Maximum

1. Write down 5 examples of percentages. (5 pts.)

2. Find the percentage of each color in a bag of skittles. (10 pts.)

3. A can of coke costs $ .50. A 2-liter bottle costs $1.29. Which container gives more coke for the money? (10 pts.)

4. What percentage of our class are girls? What percentage are boys? (5 pts.)

5. Be involved by taking notes and discussing the lessons. (5 pts/day 1 2 3 4 5)

6. Bring in a round edible object. Demonstrate 5 different percentages. (10 pts.)

7. Choose 2 problems from each section pp. 478- 480, 18 problems total. (20 pts.)

8. Pick 3 different percentages. Draw each one three different ways. (20 pts.)

9. Write a problem using percentages to buy an article of clothing. (10 pts.)

10. Define ratio and proportion. (5 pts.)

Section II: Level B. Choose only one. (20 pts.)

1. What part of a banana is edible? Write a formula based upon the mean of your data to show the amount of the edible portion. >

2. Determine the amount of sodium (or any other ingredient listed on the nutritional label) in grams of 10 different canned foods. Present your information in the form of a book.

3. What percentage of space does your body occupy in this room? How many people of your size fit into the room?

Section III: Level A. Choose only one. (20 pts.)

1. Interview a coach asking how percentages are important in their sport. Write a-half to one page summary of your findings.

2. Research and determine the percentage of food thrown away by people in the United States. Write a-half to one page summary of your findings.

Grades: 88-100 A, 75-87 B, 62-74 C, 49-61 D.