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Spanish Unit 5: Lesson One

Stephanie Sorensen

Timpview High School

Provo, Utah


Unit 5, Lesson 1En el vecindario

Layered Curriculum

This lesson is broken down into what is called "layered curriculum." This allows you to see ahead of time exactly what is expected of you to get a certain grade for this lesson. You must sign off all work with me. You are only allowed to sign off one item on the final due date, so you should discipline yourself to do all the rest before the end of the lesson. (Anything you submit on or after the final due date that is beyond the limit of one activity has to have a late coupon attached * late coupons are only good for three days. This is highly discouraged.) Do not lose this paper because it will be turned in to receive your lesson grade. If lost, you will have to start over or rebuild it with graded paperwork.

Final Due Date:____________

only one item can be signed off on this day.

C-level work:

You must choose 70 possible-points worth of work from this section. You may do more than that for extra credit only if you also complete B-level and A-level assignments. (The class policy of 20 pts. maximum extra credit per term is still in effect.)

Teacher signature Points received Assignment

flashcard quiz. (in class) Must get 90%+ to sign off. 10 pts.

flashcard/map activity. (in class) 10 pts.

Info Gap #1 (in class) 5 pts.

Info Gap #2 (in class) 5 pts.

Info Gap #3 (in class) 10 pts.

5.1 Workbook: pages 147-152. To get credit for this activity, you must show me your complete workbook, then mark errors with the key, then correct your errors. 20 pts.

¿Lo ves? worksheet 10 pts.

¿Dónde está? worksheet 10 pts.

Museo worksheet 10 pts.

"a" personal worksheet 5 pts.

Places and prepositions worksheet 5 pts.


B-level work:

You must choose 15 possible-points worth of work from this section.

Teacher signature Points received Assignment

Write 12 original sentences that accurately describe the picture on page 278 of your text. Each sentence must use one prepositional expression (see pg. 286). Work should be neat and legible. 15 pts.

Find a map on the Internet of a Spanish-speaking city. Print it out and write 8 sentences in Spanish about it on a separate sheet of paper. The sentences should accurately state where things are located on the map in relation to other things. Use the expressions on pg. 286 of your text. Work should be neat and legible. 15 pts.

Formando oraciones worksheet. Write your sentences on a separate sheet of paper and staple them to the worksheet. Work should be neat and legible. 10 pts.

Listening Activities (in class) Must get 80%+ to sign off. 5 pts.

A-level work:

Choose one of the following activities for 15 possible points.

Teacher signature Points received Assignment

Oral Exam. You will be shown a picture and asked to describe it. You will also be asked a few questions.15 pts.

Role play. This is an oral exam/conversation that you may prepare and present with a partner.15 pts.

Write an illustrated children's book in Spanish called "En el vecindario." It can be any size, but must be a minimum of 10 pages long. Each page must have at least one sentence and include at least one vocabulary word from lesson 5.1. 15 pts.

Make a video tour of your school, neighborhood, city (or someplace else approved by me). In the tour, you should mention a minimum of 5 places and state their location in relation to other places. 15 pts.

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