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Word Processing

by: Susan Moore

Granger High School

Chapter 9 - Developing Productivity

Formatting Paragraphs and Typesetting Text

Section I - "C Level" - Maximum 70 points in this section

Listen to lecture - 5 points each day

**Complete practice exercises 1- 18 and print file list 20 points

Demonstrate to instructor how to: Indent, Double Indent, Hanging Indent. What are the shortcut commands? - 5 points

Demonstrate to instructor Quick Bullets. - 5 points.

Demonstrate to instructor how to create bullets using symbols - 5 points

Key one paragraph (in your own words) what the difference tab and indent. - 5 points

Key one paragraph explaining (in your own words) what First Line Indent does. - 5 points

Complete Activity 31. When finished, show it to instructor. Do not Print. - 5 points

Complete Activity 30. Print and hand in. - 10 points

Complete productivity review - 15 points

**Must Complete

Section 11 - "B" Level - 20 points - choose only one item

Complete productivity exercises 2, 3, 5, 8 (print each one) Complete productivity exercises 1, 4, 7, 8 (print each one)

Section III - "A" Level - 0 -10 points

Create a memo to your instructor explaining graduation requirements. Include in your memo, a list of graduation requirements; requirements you have fulfilled; requirements left to take. The lists need to have bullets of your choice. Refer to Appendix D, Page 391 for memo formatting.


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