Usage Guidelines for Using and Presenting Layered Curriculum®

While Layered Curriculum® is a registered trademark, it is fairly simple to have the right of use for a local presentation. Here are usage guidelines:

  1. In the first place of prominent use your text must read, "Kathie Nunley's Layered Curriculum®." Subsequent citations can read simply "Layered Curriculum®"

  2. Any place the text is used in your materials -- for example, handouts, overheads, PowerPoint, etc. -- it must be capitalized and include the registered trademark® sign next to it.

  3. Somewhere on the bottom of your usage page you need to note the following:
    "Layered Curriculum is a registerd trademark developed by and registered to Kathie F. Nunley. Additional information is available at http//"
  4. Anyone may use the term (following the above guidelines) for not-for-profit use in their own school, district, or region. If you receive remuneration for the presentation, or do more than 2 presentations per calendar year, a license is required.
  5. Licensing seminars are offered twice per year at various locations around the US. Email for the next date and location.

  6. Non-licensed use is prohibited at venues where a licensed Layered Curriculum trainer is presenting or where Kathie Nunley is presenting Layered Curriculum®.
  7. US Patent and Trademark Office Reg. # 3128605

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