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Computer Multimedia & Animation Technology: Video Editing

Curtis Green, Waxahachie High School, Texas

Name: ______________________Period: ________________Points:________________

Grading: A=90-100, B=80-89, C=70-79, F=0-69

Section I. 75points MAX. You must get 70 points here to move to section II.

  1. Listen to the Lecture/take notes 5 pts/day 1 2 3 4 5
  2. Remove the audio from a 30 second piece of video tape and replace it with music from the Smart Sound Library. You should retain the original clip to show the work you did. 10 points
  3. Take two pieces of video that total 30 seconds each, combine them together so that their total time is 30 seconds. Retain your original clips to show your work. 10 points
  4. Edit a 1 minute long piece of video down to a 30 second long piece of video by removing parts of the video. You should attempt to keep the story line intact from the original piece of tape. Retain your original clip to show your work. 15 points
  5. Create an audio tract for a documentary that will be on the daily routine of a teacher. You should use Smart Sound and the total length of the tract should be 1 minute. 10 points
  6. Find two websites that discuss Editing Techniques. Find two different techniques on each site that give different information. Explain why the websites might have different information. 15 pts.
  7. Complete Activity's three and four in the Non-Linear Video notebook. If you have not done Activities one and two do them. Turn in a completed copy of each of the daily Responses and a completed copy of the Pre-Test (activities one and two only). Be prepared to defend your answers. 15 pts.
  8. Watch Chapters 8 thru 16 on the Video Camera Techniques Video or 1thru 7 if you have not previously viewed it. Take notes and create a practice video of what you have learned. Be prepared to defend your work orally. 30 points
  9. Learn ten new vocabulary words that you have not been tested on from the flash card deck. Be prepared to give the definition of five of them to me orally. 10 pts

    Section II. "B" level. Choose one of the following for 10 points.

  1. Create a 3 minute Highlight film that is set to music. The music should be created using the Smartsound feature of Adobe Premiere.
  2. Create a 3 minute Music Video. The music may be of your choosing, however you must give credit to the artist that created it in you video.
  3. Create a 2 minute news cast segment. You should have an opening credit and a closing as well as a Music Theme that is played during your opening.

    Section III. "A" level. Choose ONE of the following for 20 points.

    Write a 2 page Persuasive paper on the benefits of digitally enhanced images in Magazines.

    Write a 2 page Opinion paper on the Responsibilities of the Press to tell the truth.

    Research the current role of the Writers Guild of America. Write a letter to your parents discussing why they play an important role in today's society.

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