Kathie Nunley, Granger HS, UT



Due Date_______________

Section I "C" Level Maximum 65 points

1. Listen to the lecture and take notes each day. (5 pts/day)

2. Flashcards on vocabulary terms. (10)

3. Write a paragraph on the discovery of the polio vaccine. Must be done in a language other than English. (10)

4. Read a chapter on viruses. Answer 5 questions (you choose questions=10 points. My choice=15 points)

5. Design 4 viruses attacking 4 different cells. Include RNA and DNA structure (10)

6. Find 2 newspaper articles from the 1950's or 60's explaining the new vaccines. Copy and paste them on paper. Highlight important features. (15)

7. Read one of the Xeroxed articles_________________. Give an oral summary. (10)

8. Read one of the Xeroxed articles__________________. Give an oral summary.


9. Watch the video on viruses. Take notes and give me an oral summary. (10)

10. Write a children's book about Sue, the lysogenic virus, and Tom, the lytic virus. (10)

11. Work two worksheets. (10)

12. Find a current (this year) magazine or newspaper on an oncogene discovery. Give a summary. (10)

Section II "B" Level Labs Choose only one. 15 points

1. Interview someone with a lytic virus. Get a 3 day account of symptoms. (objective and subjective). Hypothesize about what stage the viruses is in each day.

2. Interview someone who has had cancer or lived with someone with cancer. Find out how the virus progresses, treatments and how the disease affected the person and family.

3. Design an experiment for testing a new AIDS vaccine. Include number of trials, subjects, and length of study.

Section III "A" Level. Choose only one. Use "A" level sheet" 20 points

1. Will we have a vaccine for AIDS in your lifetime?

2. Is the chicken pox vaccine a good idea?

3. Why is Utah last in the nation for vaccinating our children?


40-55=D 56-70=C 71-85=B 86+=A

____________________________________ _______________________

Parent Signature/Date Contact phone#

(sig. & phone worth 5 points in "C" level)

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