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Wonderful World of Weather (4th grade)

Amy Kosek

Empire Computech School, Ohio


Grading: 86-100 A 71-85 B 55-70 C 40-54 D

C Layer - 65 points (Must get 60 points to move to A and B layer)

1. Listen to lecture/take notes 5pts/day 1 2 3 4 5

2. Make a weather log. Create a chart, which includes the date, temperature, sky condition, precipitation type, and amount in the last 24 hours. Use the paper as your reference source. 15pts

3. Create a weather log of pictures. Look up at the sky for one week and draw what you see. 10pts

4. Use an old newspaper and create a line or bar graph to show the temperatures for an entire week. 10pts

5. Use the map to pick a city in the United States. Create a chart to keep track of the temperature in that city. Use the Internet site to find the temperature of that city for an entire week. 10 pts

B Layer - 15 points Choose one!

1. Predict what the weather will be like tomorrow. Write it down in a complete sentence. Check to see if your prediction was correct by using this web site. Compare your prediction to that on the site. Do you agree with the forecast? Why of why not?

2. Which is worse a tornado or a hurricane?

A Layer - 20 points

Go to the Real Time Data Resources section and explore a few sites, which are listed that contain useful web cams. Use the map of the United States and pick 3 cities. Locate those cities using the web cam and construct a chart comparing their temperature, type of precipitation, wind speed, visibility, and sky condition.

Then write a weekly weather report as if you were a forecaster from one of those cities.

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