Amy Leskow

Writing A Parable
Making A Card Game
Writing A Children's Book

Name____________________________________________ period___________

Due Date_________      The Pearl unit sheet 

C Layer (50 points possible). Credit is earned for learning, which comes about through listening, discussion, reading and doing. You will be verbally assessed for each activity in this layer that you choose to complete. You must complete this layer before moving on to the next.  

                                                Possible     Points    Date

                                                points        earned 

  1. Make flash cards using the 17 bold print terms and 20 _________ ________
  1. Summarize one of the chapters using transitions  10 _________ ________
  1. Answer Thinking About the Selection questions 20 _________ ________
  1. Complete the I Wish I Could Write Like That  10 _________ ________ 
  1. Complete the outline study guide for the novella. 20 _________ ________
  1. Character Wheels. In a  large circle on plain   10 _________ ________

   paper, write one character's name (The

   Doctor, Juana, Kino) in the center of each quarter

   of the wheel, list one of the following categories

   and describe the character in terms of it: Background,

   Physical Appearance, Temperament, and Ideas.

   Include four descriptions in each category. 

  1. Complete the Novel Review worksheet  10 _________ ________
  1. Complete the Recognizing Cause and Effect  10 _________ ________
  1. After listening to and following along with the  20 _________ ________

B Layer (30 points possible). Choose one of the activities below. Credit is earned for learning, which comes about through listening, writing , discussion, reading and doing. You will be assessed using the rubric particular to your choice. 

                                                Possible     Points    Date

                                                points        earned 

  1. Create your own parable with   30 _________ ________
  1. Create a card game that focuses on    30 _________ ________
  1. Create a children’s book that tells  30 _________ ________

                                                Possible     Points    Date

                                                points        earned

  1. Does wealth create happiness ?   20 _________ ________

   2. Are humans greedy by nature?    20 _________ ________

   3. Are the effects of colonialism on    20 _________ ________