The Well of Sacrifice
By Chris Eboch
7 Communication Arts

Layered Curriculum Designed by
Mrs. Debbie Anne B. Barretto
Ronald H. Brown Charter School

Layered Curriculum

Let us join Eveningstar as she goes through a remarkable journey on  The Well of Sacrifice. On our journey, you will do a lot of activities that will help you earn points. The goal is to earn 100 points. I know you can do it.

Remember the following things:
·    You have to get 40 points in Layer C to get to Layer B
·    You have to get 30 points in Layer B to get to Layer A
·    You have to get 30 points in Layer A
·    Fill in the Score Sheet

Enjoy your journey with Eveningstar!

Layer C: Basic Knowledge
- You have to earn 40 points in Layer C

__________ 1. Read the book; log it in your Reading Log (10 pts.)
__________ 2. Reading Comprehension Questions (10 pts)

Your Choice:
__________ 3. Write or draw evidences of Mayan culture (10 pts.)
__________ 4. Retell the story of the Hero Twins (10 pts.)
__________ 5. List/draw the hardships that Eveningstar had to face (10 pts.)
__________ 6. Make a Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (10 pts.)
__________ 7. Write a report about the author, Chris Eboch. (10 pts.)

Layer B: Application
    - You have to earn 30 points in Layer B

__________ 1. Write an Opinion/ Proof Character Chart ( Eveningstar, Smoke Shell, Blue Quetzal, Father, Feather Dawn, King Flint Sky God, Great Skull Zero) ( 10 pts.)

Your Choice:
__________ 2. Draw a picture of Feather Dawn (10 pts.)
__________ 3. Make a Mayan temple (10 pts.)
__________ 4. Eveningstar’s Courage – give proofs from the story (10 pts.)
__________ 5. Differentiate bloodletting and sacrifice (10 pts.)
__________ 6. Re-enact your favorite part of the story (10 pts.)
__________ 7. Diary- Write a diary from any character’s point of view. Must have at least 5 entries. ( 10 pts.)
__________ 8. Make a costume / headdress that the Maya might have worn. (10 pts.)
___________ 9. Explain and act out the Mayan Ballgame (10 pts.)

Layer A: Critical Thinking and Analysis
    - You have to earn 30 points in Layer A

__________ 1. As a class, present the part when Eveningstar was thrown into the “Well of Sacrifice”. Have a script, and use costumes. (10 pts.)

Your Choice:
__________ 2. Compare/Contrast Essay of Eveningstar and Feather Dawn. (10 pts.)
__________ 3. Analyze the characters of Eveningstar Macaw, Smoke Shell, Blue Quetzal, Feather Dawn and Great Skull Zero. (10 pts.)
__________ 4. If I were Eveningstar…. – What would you do if you were Eveningstar? (10 pts.)
__________ 5. Obituary for Smoke Shell in Mayan glyphs. (10 pts.)
__________ 6. Effective Leader- What makes an effective leader? What qualities does the leader have to possess? How does he/she treat her subjects? How does a good leader rule? (10 pts.)
__________ 7. Write about Feather Dawn’s feelings towards her sister, Eveningstar Macaw. (10 pts.)
__________ 8. Interview with Eveningstar Macaw – write 5 questions that you would like to ask Eveningstar, and her possible responses. (10 pts.)
__________ 9. Make a presentation of the contributions of the Mayan people to us today. (10 pts.)
__________ 10. Make a presentation about Mayan Civilization (10 pts.)
The Well of Sacrifice Score Sheet

Name __________________________        Total Score ___________

Activity    Date Accomplished    Score    Student’s Initial    Teacher’s Initial

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