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AP Biology Chordates - Birds/Mammals

Animal Unit : Chordates, part 2: Birds/Mammals Name____________________________
100 pts. Due Date: February 28 You may turn in 2 assignments/day and ONE level I assignment on day 5!!


_____1. Notes 5 pts/day 1 2 3 4

_____2. Flashcards: Bird Orders - 10 Orders, 2/3 birds per Order. 10 pts

_____3. Flashcards: Mammal Orders - 10 Orders, 2/3 mammals per Order. 10 pts.

_____4. Book work assignment: pg_____ # ____________________________. 10 pts

_____5. Book work assignment: pg_____ # ____________________________. 10 pts .

_____6. Choose a Bird Order. Write a 1 page report on the order giving an overview of the Order and how it is divided into Families. Use and cite at least two sources. 10 pts.

_____7. Make a scaled timeline using adding machine paper (no more than 4 feet). Show the emergence of each Class of Chordates, 4 Orders, the Hominids, and Homo sapien. 10 pts.

_____8. Write a 1-2 page report, using sources other than your textbook, explaining the evolution of egg-laying, marsupial, and placental mammals. 10 pts.

_____9. Make a simple sketch showing 7 parts of a feather and 4 different types of feathers. Learn them. 10pts.

_____II. Lab: 15 pts. Choose ONE ONLY

1. Open a Frog and identify 15 body parts.

2. Graph respiration rates on 5 different species of Mammals. Show relationship of size to respiration rate.

III. Library Research. Choose ONE topic. Find 2 articles on the topic. Cite the article. Summarize each article (1/2 page each) then write ½ page of your opinion on the topic. 15 pts.

1. Were dinosaurs birds?

2. Why does Australia have all the Marsupials?

3. True or False: 95% of bird species are extinct.

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