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Challenge Centers: Health and Nutrition
Preschool Age 4-5

Chrissy Allen
Pumpkin Delight School
Milford, CT

Directions for all Level B activities are given daily orally  before  Center Choice Time, in addition there are pictorial work cards at various stations when needed. The teacher/ para-educator rotates through the centers to ensure successful completion and to provide assistance.

Level A: Required of all students
The students will listen and attend to the class discussion of healthy foods including the teacher reading of food and nutrition books during Circle Time. Each student  will focus attention during the brief  introduction of the food pyramid to be used for later sorting activities. At the end of group oral discussions, each student will be able to orally identify an example of a healthy food and an unhealthy “sometimes” food.

Level B: Students will have a choice of four challenge centers each day that will rotate for a period of two weeks( typically 4-6 days of school as the students do not attend every day.) Students must visit at least two new centers per day. Centers are 12 minutes in duration.
  • Choose a food from our kitchen area for the Mystery Bag. Describe your food to a partner giving clues so they can guess what it is. Use the sentence strips to help you with your clues. My food is_______(color). My food tastes________( sweet, sour, juicy etc). You eat my food for__________( mealtime). My food can be eaten ______(cooked or uncooked). My food is__________(healthy or unhealthy). Verbal/ Linguistic
  • Sit with the teacher. Listen to a new nutrition book. At our end of the day Circle Time, retell the story to your friends while the teacher turns the pages.
Verbal/ Linguistic
  • On the Dole5aday.com website ( loaded by the teacher), use the mouse to choose a game. Play the game, following the computer’s directions using what you have learned about healthy foods. The game choices are: Vending Machine Mania, 5 A Day The Color Way, Take the 5 A Day Challenge, and 5 A Day Adventure Starring You. You must play one of these games.  Visual/ Spatial & Bodily/ Kinesthetic
  • Use the cardboard food pyramid to sort a mini shopping cart full of groceries. Remember there are separate shelves on the food pyramid for fruits, vegetables, milk products, bread/ grains, meat and “sometimes foods”.  (The outdated food pyramid is used for this center for general classifying into food groups only.) 
Logical/ Mathematical


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