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Peggy Childs, Washington County School District, St. George, UT

College level class

Teaching Students with Disabilities in General Education

Introduces special general education candidates to teaching strategies for meeting the needs of students with disabilities in general education settings.


1 Become familiar with the various modifications, interventions, accommodations and strategies that help teach students with disabilities in general education.

2 Design a lesson or unit that accommodates the various levels of all students in you classroom.

Grading: 550-525 A, 525-425 B, 425-400 C, 400-375 D

C Level - Required

1. Attend lectures and take notes. Sign up before class to get credit. (75 points possible)

2. Read the text and complete and hand in end of chapter questions.(100 points possible)

3. Create a lesson or unit that covers 5 days using the Layered Curriculum format with

a rubric(s) for work. (50 points possible)

4. Take weekly quiz. (100 points possible)

5. Take final exam (100 points possible)

B Level - 50 point (choose two)

1. List at least 10 possible modifications, accommodations, or strategies for each of the

13 special education classifications of disabilities. (25 points)

2. Web search: Create a list of 25 of the most useful web sites that give ideas for

modifications and accommodations. Print out the home page for each site.

(25 points)

3. Video: Watch the Fat City video and do the worksheet that goes with it. Write

a 1 page reaction paper. (25 points)

4. Interview a teacher currently using Layered Curriculum. Develop a format of

questions and type up the responses. (25 points)

5. Several songs have been written about being included in the mainstream. One popular

song is Don't Laugh At Me. Perform a song to the class. (25 points)

A Level - 25 points (choose one)

1. Write a 3 page position paper to develop your philosophy as to why students with

disabilities should be allowed access to the general curriculum. Include at

least 2 references. (25 points)

2. Organize a study group for teachers at your school to develop a lesson plan with

Layered Curriculum. Submit plans they developed. (25 points)