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Our Solar System: LC Guided Practice Unit
Teacher: Tiffany Soto

Grade Level and Subject: 7th Grade Science

TEKS: 112.19(b)(9)(A)

Lesson Objective: Student will analyze the characteristics of objects in our solar system that allow life to exist such as the proximity of the Sun, presence of water, and composition or the atmosphere.

Student name:
Due Date:
Section I: C Layer 55 points
1. Listen to class lecture and take notes each day. (1 point/day) 1 2 3 4 5
2. Participate in class discussion each day. (1 point/day) 1 2 3 4 5
3. Create a comic showing how the solar system was formed. 10 pts.
4. Watch Bill Ny's video on planets and give oral summary. 15 pts.
5. Create flash cards with key vocabulary terms. 10 pts.
6. Read a book about our Solar System on iStation at your current reading level. 10 pts.
7. Play solar system game on NASASpacePlace.com and give oral summary. 15 pts.
8. Put on a puppet show demonstrating something you learned. 10 pts.
9. Create a poster of your favorite planet. 10 pts.
10. Create a collage from a space magazine 10 pts.
11. Write a song about our Solar System. 10 pts.
12. Draw a picture of what you think a space alien would look like. 10 pts.
13. Create a children's book 10 pts.
14. Create a PowerPoint about our solar system. 10 pts.
15. With a group, preform a skit of your travel to space. 15 pts.
16. Read a current event article about our solar system and give oral summary. 15 pts.
17. Complete 3 worksheets. 15 pts.
18. Listen to an audio tape and give oral summary. 15 pts.
19. Write a short paper explaining similarities of the outer planets. Complete in any language other than English. 15 pts.
20. Build a scaled model of our solar system with properly labeled planets. 15 pts.

Section II: B Layer Choose only one 20 points
1. Which travels further, a 2 liter pop bottle rocket or a 24 ounce 2 liter pop bottle rocket?
2. Design a space station that could house 300 people in space.
3. Create a game board for younger children that can teach them about the solar system.
4. If you were to travel to Saturn, what would some issues be that you could face? (oral summary is fine.)

Section III: A Layer Choose only one 25 points
1. Does life exist on other planets? Essay format or record on audio tape.
2. Should we send children to space? Essay format or record on audio tape.
3. Is it necessary to continue exploring space? Essay format or record on audio tape.

Grades: You can not complete only C layer activities for points. You must have 1 B and 1 A layer activity! <59 = F 60-69 = D 70-79 = C 80-89 = B 90+ = A

_______ Parent or guardian signature and date Contact phone # (Signature and phone worth 5 points in "C" level)

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