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Name: Rebecca Perez                  Due Date:                  

Unit Title: 7th grade Texas History                         

Subject:  The Battle of the Alamo                        Grade Level: 7th grade

TEKS Objective(s): (a)(1) In Grade 7, students study the history of Texas from early times to the present. Content is presented with more depth and breadth than in Grade 4. Students examine the full scope of Texas history, including Natural Texas and its People; Age of Contact; Spanish Colonial; Mexican National; Revolution and Republic; Early Statehood; Texas in the Civil War and Reconstruction; Cotton, Cattle, and Railroads; Age of Oil; Texas in the Great Depression and World War II; Civil Rights and Conservatism; and Contemporary Texas eras. The focus in each era is on key individuals, events, and issues and their impact. Students identify regions of Texas and the distribution of population within and among the regions and explain the factors that caused Texas to change from an agrarian to an urban society. Students describe the structure and functions of municipal, county, and state governments, explain the influence of the U.S. Constitution on the Texas Constitution, and examine the rights and responsibilities of Texas citizens. Students use primary and secondary sources to examine the rich and diverse cultural background of Texas as they identify the different racial and ethnic groups that settled in Texas to build a republic and then a state. Students analyze the impact of scientific discoveries and technological innovations on the development of Texas in various industries such as agricultural, energy, medical, computer, and aerospace. Students use primary and secondary sources to acquire information about Texas. (2)  To support the teaching of the essential knowledge and skills, the use of a variety of rich primary and secondary source material such as biographies, autobiographies, novels, speeches, letters, diaries, poetry, songs, and images is encouraged. Motivating resources are available from museums, historical sites, presidential libraries, and local and state preservation societies.



TOTAL Unit Points:            points

C Layer:                Maximum: 65 points                                 Points given.

  1. Read a narrative from the perspective of David Crockett and create a graphic organizer connecting events to David Crockett and the Alamo.                                                10pts.

  2. Listen to the lecture and take Cornell notes each day with completed summaries.                                                                                                   (5pts/day) 1 2 3 45

  3. Create a bulletin board that list main events of the battle at the Alamo.                   10pts.

  4. Create a Fakebook on General Santa Anna or William Barret Travis.                   15pts.

  5. Make online vocabulary flashcards on quizlet.org from the textbook.                       10pts.

  6. Create a Kahoot! Game for the class and present it.                                                15pts.

  7. Watch the movie, “The Alamo” and compare events from the movie to the textbook.                         


  1. Create a graphic organizer ‘on the events that took place at the Alamo.                  10pts

  2. Design a collage of famous individuals who participated in the Alamo.                     10pts.

  3. Create a replica or model of the Alamo. (Ex. out of play-doh, popsicle sticks, Legos)  


  1. Take a daily quiz from the textbook.                                                                            5pts.

  2. Create a text conversation between a Mexican Soldier and a Texan Soldier detailing the fight at the Alamo.                                                                                                      15pts

  3. Research significant individuals from the Alamo and create a “Who Am I” worksheet.     



B Layer: B Layer              Choose only one                                       15 points.


  1. Write a ballad or song about the characters and events at The Alamo. Set the words to the music of a popular song and sing it to the class.

  2. Prepare a movie trailer about The Alamo. Act out your preview and record. Present to your classmates.  

  3. Create questions for a local Politician and interview them about the effects of the Alamo on the state of Texas.


A Layer.  Choose only one       Use A Layer Sheet                         20 points.


  1. Do you believe that the fallen Mexican Soldiers be memorialized? Why or why not?

  2. What would life be like in Texas if the Battle of the Alamo did not happen?

  3. As of right now, Texas does not have a state holiday to honor The Alamo. Do you believe this is a day worth honoring? Why or why not?



  40-55 = D            56-70= C                 71-85= B           86+ = A

                                                                   _                            _                                _

Parent signature/date                                               contact phone #

(sig. & phone worth 5 points in the “C” level).

Parent signature/date contact phone #

(sig. & phone worth 5 points in the “C” level).

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