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Grade level: 8th grade

TEKS/ Objectives: Students will use geometric properties and relationships, as well as spatial reasoning, to model and analyze situations and solve problems.
Students will communicate information about geometric figures or situations by quantifying attributes, generalize procedures from measurement experiences, and use the procedures to solve problems.

Total points possible: 100

Students Name:_________________________Period__________Date___________

Section 1: Layer C 65 points possible

1. Listen to the lecture and participate in class discussions. (1pt/day) 12 3 4 5 5pts possible total

2. Flashcards of vocabulary words 5pts

3. Identify and describe similarities and differences of triangles, and of quadrilaterals. 15pts

4. Complete the polygon worksheet 10pts

5. Make a polygon picture book label each picture 5pts

6. Make your own picture using only polygons, color and frame it. 15pts

7. Complete worksheet on angles 10pts

8. Make a math journal of 5 different sizes of circles. Find the circumference and diameter of circle 15pts

9. Work the follow problems, p.223 #’s 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 10pts

10. Watch a YouTube video on polygons and write a one page report 10pts

11. Watch video on angles and working with lines and write a one page report 10pts

12. Look through magazines and find pictures of polygons, angles, and circles, label them 10pts

13. Go around town and take pictures of polygons in our world 10pts

14. Make up a song or poem to help others remember the polygons and the number of sides.

Section 2: Layer B
Pick only one 15 points possible

1. Create a game using polygons, angles and circles.

2. Create a book with polygons as the characters. Make sure it tells a story related to geometry.

3. Looking around your town what polygons do you see? For what kinds of jobs do you think it would be important to know the different types of polygons?

Section 3: Layer A
Pick only one 20 points possible

1. If you could build a building using only the knowledge you have about polygons, angles and circles what would you build and how would you build it. Explain why you would build it that way. You may either type a one page paper or build a model and present to the class.

2. Find two famous structures (buildings) that use polygons in their shape. Explain the polygons in the structure and how it helps to stabilize the structure. Do you think a different shape could have done the same job? You may type a one page paper or build a bridge and present to the class

Grades: 90+ = A 80+ = B 70+ = C 60+ = D

_____________________________ _______________________ Parent signature/date contact phone # (signature and phone worth 5 points in “C” level)

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