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AP Biology: Animal Systems

Name____________________________ 150 pts

Due Date: March 23

You may turn in 2 assignments/day and ONE level I assignment on day 6 & 7!!


_____1. Notes 5 pts/day 1 3 4 6 7

_____2. Take a reading quiz on ______circul. _____digestive _______muscl/skele. 10pts/each

_____3. Flashcards: vocabulary 10 pts.

_____4. Book work assignment: pg_____ # ____________________________. 10 pts

_____5. Book work assignment: pg_____ # ____________________________. 10 pts

_____6. Book work assignment: pg_____ # ____________________________. 10 pts

_____7. "The Incredible Human Machine" - day 2 with worksheet - 10 pts.

_____8. Read the Time article on cloning. Write a good paragraph summary. Discuss it. 10 pts

_____9. Make a life-size silhoutte of YOU. Draw your entire digestive system, label 15 parts.
Include your circulatory system, life size with 6 vessels. 10 pts. . XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
_____II. Lab: 20 pts. Choose ONE ONLY

1. Fetal pig dissection. Identify 15 parts and systems to which it belongs..

2. Answer: Who jumps farther proportionately, you or a cricket? How fast do fingernails grow? What is the most senstive part of your body (palm, neck, forearm?). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
III. Library Research. Choose ONE topic. Find 2 articles on the topic. Cite the article. Summarize* each article (1/2 page each) then write page of your opinion on the topic. 20 pts.

1. Human cloning: good or bad?

2. Steroids: good or bad?

3. Herbal supplements: do they make you healthier?

* I would expect a 5-7 sentence summary of main points in EACH article and a good 5-7 sentence elaboration of your opinion. Spelling, grammar, editing counts toward grade.

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